Get to know Godfrey, the multi-talented maestro of comedy who has captured the hearts of many with his unique style and humor. Don’t miss out on his hilarious performances!

Godfrey, a name synonymous with laughter and versatility, has carved a mark in the realms of comedy and entertainment. A multi-talented comedian and actor, Godfrey’s journey through the world of laughter has been adorned with successes on various platforms.  His comedic prowess has graced television screens on BET, VH1, and Comedy Central, showcasing his ability to connect with diverse audiences. Feature films such as “Soul Plane,” “Original Gangstas,” “Zoolander,” and “Johnson Family Vacation” further solidify his presence in the entertainment industry. Notably, Godfrey became a household name as the charismatic spokesperson for 7 Up during the iconic ‘7up yours’ advertising campaign.  Godfrey’s foray into reality television marked another milestone in his career, as he became a cast member on the first season of “The It Factor.” 

A regular performer at the renowned Comedy Cellar in New York City, he honed his craft in the vibrant and demanding world of stand-up comedy.  Venturing into the realm of animation, Godfrey lent his distinctive voice to characters in “The Mr. Men Show” and took the reins as the host of the FOX game show “Bullseye.” The multifaceted artist also dived into podcasting, hosting and owning “In Godfrey We Trust” on the Gas Digital Network, providing audiences with a dose of his unique comedic perspective.  Godfrey’s acting prowess extends beyond comedy clubs and television screens. His roles in films like “Zoolander,” “Soul Plane,” and the indie gem “Leaving Las Vegas” showcase his versatility and ability to seamlessly transition between genres.  One of the highlights of Godfrey’s career is his stand-up special, “Regular Black,” currently available on Showtime.

 This hour-long laughter extravaganza reflects the depth of his comedic genius and resonates with audiences internationally. His one-man show, “The Godfrey Complex,” received acclaim at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, earning him recognition as a potential luminary in the comedy scene.  Hailing from Chicago, Godfrey’s mischievous smile and penchant for humor were evident from an early age. His upbringing, influenced by exposure to classic comedy films, laid the foundation for a career that has taken him to the pinnacle of the stand-up circuit.  

As 2024 unfolds, Godfrey gears up for live comedy shows at “The Second City” in Chicago, Toronto, and New York City, promising seven nights of uproarious laughter each week, starting January 27th. The comedy maestro is set to tour West Nyack Levity Live Comedy Club and The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club in February, ensuring that 2024 is a stellar year for Godfrey, a name synonymous with laughter and comedic brilliance.

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