The talents are plenty on the local scenes in St Louis; a special talk with ReMix Awards 2018 recipient Angela Sloan.

Born and raised in St. Louis Mo. Angela Sloan was brought up in a single-parent household. Her mom taught her to be strong and go for whatever she wanted to do in life. 

She managed a Famous Barr Salon and then managed a Dillard’s Salon. And then left Corporate America to go into cosmetology”. She liked to do people’s hair after work and told everyone there that she was gonna own her own salon and be a fitness instructor. 

She decided to take that leap and leave corporate America and started her own salon. She went to school to get her license and opened her salon in 2004. 

Angela held her first fitness classes at The Old Tymer’s Night Club on Sundays. But the club closed, after that she turned her salon into a fitness studio in the evenings. 

Angela stated, “I ran my salon during the day and moved all the furniture out the way and did my fitness classes in the evenings.”

I asked Angela how the pandemic affected her fitness classes? “I closed my location and moved it closer to an area next to my home. I went virtual. and started having my classes on zoom and they have been doing great ever since.”

 Angela’s greatest challenge has been keeping people motivated to work out. Her greatest accomplishment is still making it happen after 18 years of doing her salon and being able to make people smile as they come and go.

Her advice to anyone trying to be an entrepreneur is  “You have to step out on faith and put in the hard work.”

Angela Sloan

When asked when it’s all said and done and she is long gone from here, What is it that she wants the world to know about her? “That Angie lived doing what she loved. Not everybody can say that” 

“It feels good to make somebody’s day. My heart is really in what I do. Whether it’s the salon, the fitness, or even my t-shirt business.”

Angela Sloan

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