Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Rico Mangram started The Rico No Suave Talk Show in 2018 after multiple people told him he should have his own talk show. Along with his Co-host Valerie Melecio, Rico decided to do a talk show instead of a podcast because he wanted it to be more visual. 

The show was a hit from the moment it started and is now headed into syndication. When asked what separates his talk show from others, Rico stated “It’s more of the experience. when the guests come on my show, I make them relaxed, I make the interview fun. I make them laugh.” 

Rico No Suave

I asked where the name Rico No Suave came from. “When I danced, people called me Rico Suave. There was already a hit song by Rico Suave from Ecuador, so I put the word no in front of suave and used Rico No Suave.”

At the height of Rico’s success, he is not slowing down at all. His newest project is called “Hot and sizzle with Rico.” On this show, he will go out to communities, doing charity work with kids who have illnesses such as autism and diabetes. Rico will go out to grand openings, working with chefs all over. Rico states “This will be an international traveling cooking show that will open the eyes of other cultures to get involved.” Rico’s greatest accomplishment is getting to where he is now and being highly successful at what he is doing.

I asked Rico when it’s all said and done and you are long gone from this world. What is it that you want the people to know about you? “The legacy. That I was about helping people to open up their eyes and understand different cultures. I taught people to be kind to each other. I made the world better through food, happiness, entertainment, and being humble and kind to everyone.”

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