As the war between Russia and Ukraine heats up, taking a massive turn for the worst day by day. Racism has become even more prevalent outside of the United States. 

African refugees fleeing Ukraine are facing shocking racist treatment with the guards blocking their attempts to cross the border into Poland and Militiamen threatening them at gunpoint. Even throughout the carnage, massive loss of life, and threats of nuclear war looming.

 Ukrainian citizens are fighting back, refusing to give up their sovereignty and homes. While watching all of this unfold.  

There is a question that I’m sure many blacks ponder. If it came down to it, would blacks fight and die for their neighborhoods if challenged by a major outside threat?  

The answer is not as simple as deciding on what to eat for dinner or how you should dress for the weather today. When it comes to finding an answer to this question, you can’t just scratch the surface. In order to get an understanding. 

We have to dive deep into what has transpired in the black communities for hundreds of years.

One major thing we must take into consideration is the effects of housing segregation.  Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of attention being paid to the struggles of Black Americans, but there has been less focus on the health of the places where they live. 

This has been an ongoing issue that has plagued black communities since the beginning. Not only have African Americans had to deal with white flight in the 1950s and 60s. But still to this day, there are unequal living standards and poverty that continue to weigh heavily on blacks. 

The poor shape of these communities has driven businesses and jobs away. This causes racism and oppression to manifest themselves in communities causing a domino effect of unemployment, mental illness, and drug addictions. 

Many believe that these poverty-stricken neighborhoods systematically create breeding grounds for black-on-black crime. On the other hand, police brutality on blacks has called many to want to defund the police because there is no trust for the authority figures that are sworn to protect its citizens. 

On top of that, we have a broken criminal justice system that punishes black criminals more severely than whites. A large number of blacks might ask why fight for a country that they feel doesn’t care about them?So to answer that question of would blacks fight and die for their neighborhoods if challenged by a major outside threat? It depends on who you come across, but one thing for certain is that blacks have been fighting for their rights for many years and continue to fight to this day.
Courtesy of Lacey “G Souldier” Turner

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