Sadly, thirty-one transgender persons have been already killed in 2021 by violent means, and others have been shot to death. Transgender people are not different from other people; thus, they should be given equal rights.

Some killings are not reported since the media and law enforcement do not take the matter seriously just because the victim is transgender.

Misidentification of transgender people can result in disruptions during a police investigation and can prevent community members from helping to find victims as well as destroying the relationship between the Trans community and law administration.

Individuals who are transgender are at a big risk of dealing with suicidal thoughts and attempting to commit suicide compared to people who are cisgender. According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), this year is on its way to being the dullest for transgender persons.

HRC states that most of the transgender people who are being killed are Latina and Black American women. In 2021, more transgender persons have been killed compared to the past years.

PG Change Maker Co-Founder Krystal Oriadha holds up photo of Taya Ashton at Virgil in DC on July 22, 2021

There are a few latest cases of transgender individuals killed this year, including Taya Ashton, who was the 31st person to be killed in The United States, Aidelen Evans, Danika “Danny” Henson and Jahaira DeAlto.

Taya Ashton was killed on 17th July in Maryland. Ashton was 20 years old, and she was a Black Trans woman.

The Basic rights Campaign Associate Administrator of the Transgender Fairness Initiative known as Lindsey Clark said that Taya was just at the beginning of her life, and she was supposed to be given a chance to live it to the fullest. Taya was found in her apartment in Suitland with a gunshot wound.

The second latest case was about a Black transgender woman who was twenty-four years old. She was killed in Port Arthur, Texas, in March. Her name was Aidelen Evans. She had spent her time recently in Texas, where she was found dead.

Some killers of these victims are yet to be identified, and others are strangers, associates or partners. Many of the transgender killings involve clear anti-transgender unfairness. 

Danika “Danny” Henson, also known as Pryynce Daniel, was shot to death in Maryland on 4th May. Henson was a Black transgender woman, thirty-one years old. The family said that Danny had started to transition. They said he was so loving and big-hearted.

A person that might have killed Danny was her acquaintance, or she had a relationship with the individual, according to the family members.

The other recent case is about a transgender woman who went by the name Jahaira DeAlto. She was 42 years old, and she was killed in Boston on May 2, 2021. DeAlto was very popular and a beloved advocate of transgender people.

DeAlto was an initiator of Berkshire Transgender Day of Commemoration and Berkshire Superiority Festival and a member of the House of Balenciaga. She also advocated for individuals who survived sexual and domestic violence.

Transphobia, racism, biphobia, sexism and unrestricted access to guns combine to deny transgender persons the right to employment, healthcare, housing and other requirements.



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