Hyre Car is a leading car-sharing platform for gig workers and anyone who is looking to supplement their income. Hyre Car wants to help those who do not have a car or do not want to use their vehicles. People of all diversities that need a job and can keep a job, can add a few dollars into their savings.

With Hyre Car, you can rent a vehicle and sign up to deliver for gigs like Instacart or Doordash. There are a lot of questions in regards to Instacart and Doordash as it comes to food and grocery delivery services.

Let me help you figure it out. 

With both, you will need a driver’s license, background check, reliable car (that’s where Hyre Car comes in), be at least 18 years old, and able to lift at least 30 pounds.

I have looked into signing up for Hyre Car, so that I could be able to do Instacart, but I am waiting until I have some free time.

It seems like a fun way to get your mind cleared of everyday hassles and meet exciting people along the way. With Doordash or Instacart, you are an independent contractor, so you are responsible for your own health benefits and any other taxes and or liabilities that come your way.

The summer is here and with Hyre Car, you can get a reliable vehicle after paying the daily fees. Then, become one of the hundreds of drivers in your city providing food delivery services to people who chose not to leave the comfort of their home. 

With most governors of the United States, over 25 and counting, mandating the stop of the extra federal unemployment money paid to gig workers and regular people who are unemployed, most unemployed gig workers are scrambling to find suitable employment, after being laid in luxury.

According to Twitter last week, the state of Indiana judges overturned the governor’s ruling and allowed the unemployed that were receiving PUA and Federal stimulus unemployment compensation to continue until the date that Biden originally signed off for. This was a huge victory, but what about the other states?

I heard Missouri and Texas were still in the fight to restore the payments. As of today, the job rate is still down, and people still are not scrambling to fill these jobs that states they need workers.

So did the governors make the right choice, even as the Delta variants stake its claim?

Whatever the case may be, it is comforting to know that those who do not have a car can rely on Hyre Car to get them to their gigs.

How Hyre Car works:

Sign up through the online App.

They will require a copy of your driver’s license, a head shot, and a working smart phone.

With Instacart and Doordash, you really do not have to have car; bikes or scooters work as well. However, a person like me, I would need a car.

Click on both names to learn more about how each one delivery services works.



Top reasons why people uses delivery services:

  1. Single parenting and no baby sitter, especially during the pandemic
  2. Elderly client can’t drive anymore
  3. Student cramming for exams
  4. Person without a car, and not wanting to use public transportation during the pandemic
  5. Pregnant mom at home alone, possibly bedridden
  6. Anxiety keeping you in the house
  7. Covid-19 has a lot of people not wanting to go out

So whenever you think you are ready to get Hyre Car and start your journey to making more money, try the two delivery services I mentioned, and research other available options. You will be glad you did.

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