The situation of Sha’Carri Richardson clearly shows that the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) are outdated.

WADA stated that it suspended Sha’Carri Richardson from athletics for the reason that usage of marijuana might enhance performance in some games. The agency also fortified its ban stating that sportspersons are role models for young individuals thus they should portray a good example to society.

In the 2010s, states began making marijuana legal. It is during the same period that Sha’Carri Richardson was attaining respectability, maturity, recognition and prominence. Sha’Carri Richardson grew up in the middle of a national totalling with marijuana rules as outmoded and fundamentally racist.

Black individuals are mostly arrested for marijuana possession than white people in Texas, which is Sha’Carri Richardson’s home state. Sha’Carri tested positive in Oregon. Since 2014, amusing marijuana has been permitted. It is so unfair to gaslight an individual into thinking she did something illegal just because one or two things are not right with her.

Sha’Carri Richardson was 21 years old when she won the 100 meters race for women. She earned a top spot on the Olympic team. Sha’Carri Richardson earned the top position without using any drug proven by scientists to boost performance.

Richardson said that everything she does was natural. After she was suspended for three months, she attended a counselling program regarding the usage of marijuana and completed it successfully. Sha’Carri Richardson said that she is putting all her energy into dealing with what she needs to deal with to take care of the situation. “I have to take full responsibility for my doings,” Sha’Carri said.

She also added that she is not looking for any excuse. Richardson went ahead and apologized to her sponsorship, her family and fans.

Sha’Carri revealed that her mother had died the week before her suspension in a post-competition interview. She said that when she was informed about her mother’s death, she was very shocked and triggered.

Besides, Richardson caught people’s attention when she galloped into the standpoints following the competition and encompassed Betty Harp, who is her grandmother. The CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), known as Travis T. Tygart, said that the acceptance of responsibility and the apologizing that Richardson did will be a great example to many people, despite the consequences that she underwent.

Sha’Carri Richardson also tweeted that she is not supposed to be judged by anyone because she is a human being like any other.


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