College graduation season is officially underway! As students say their goodbyes to classmates and professors, it can sometimes be a bittersweet experience for some students who may not have given their all while in school.

Attending university can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect from this new chapter in your life.

Author, certified business coach, and the well-known “College Prep Boss,” Tameka Williamson, has some great advice for students entering college (or those already in university) that will help them be successful as they move through their academic paths and once they graduate.

Tameka told me that a big mistake she sees a lot of college students make is that when they get to college they don’t take it as seriously as they should.

“They go and play, and they mess up their grades, and end up getting kicked out; or they’ll pull it together but now their GPA is forever impacted.”

It’s essential that college students buckle down and find a balance between school work and their personal lives. By doing things such as, forming good study habits, paying attention to assignment deadlines, and making use of professors’ office hours can help a student out in the most unimaginable ways.

Tameka also expressed the importance of forming relationships not only with your professors, but also with college deans, chairmen, secretaries, etc. because they’re usually the ones in the know when it comes to possible job prospects, scholarships, or other types of funding through the university.

Additional ways that college students can make the most of their time in school is by doing the following:

  • Participating in internships related to their major
  • Forming or being a part of study groups
  • Joining extracurricular clubs to network and build bonds with peers

Tameka continued to tell me it’s also important for students to find like minded individuals whilst in college and to make friends with them.

“Find people who you can connect to in a positive way. Find a tribe that you can click with and grow with. You’ve got to have a tribe.”

Having a group of friends with similar goals and aspirations can help a college student remain focused on their academic work. Your tribe will also encourage you if you’re having a little difficulty in your major.

She also went on to say, “If you don’t get to know the people in your major, shame on you because you never know how much of a resource they will be to you five, ten years down the line. I sometimes think back to when I got my job at GM. I got to GM because of people I was in college with and their recommendations.”

I learned so many tips after speaking with Tameka, and I highly suggest that anyone in college visit her website and take advantage of the resources she has available to students.

College is supposed to be a fun time in your life, filled with lessons and new experiences, so remember to enjoy yourself as you continue to work towards success.


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