Hey, guys, welcome back to my column. This time I am taking you on a trip to the African jungles and all the way to the Switzerland Alps of Zurich.

I am very sure that after reading my take on a published story that is making waves on social media, you will be hitting up your travel agent to book your next vacation.

I was delighted to wake up on July 20, 2021 at 3:20 p.m., however, I was not asleep. I woke up with excitement to find my city, that is truly most deserving, on this list of the world cities.

Yes, good old St. Louis, with its many attributes to the world; and not just the newly renovated ground of the crown jewel of the world, The Gateway Arch, but the many cranes, start-ups, companies’ relocations, and the scrambling to build hundreds of real estate, that might help repopulate a city that the pandemic had dwindled for so long.

St. Louis, Missouri

All in all, let’s not just talk about my town, even though it fared Number 1 in Missouri (the only city on the list), Number 19 for the U.S., and overall, 88 out of 100. We will take that and run well with it!

Big Sky, Montana is not quite a major city, but it is a Rocky Mountains’ paradise, so of course it placed Number 1 (12) out of 20 for the United States.

Denver was Number 2 (21); New Orleans was Number 11 (60); Memphis was Number 9 (56); Los Angeles was Number 8 (52), and Las Vegas was Number 7 (48) of 20 USA cities that made the list.

As the story begins by the writer, Dori Olmos, the number one, greatest place of the world is Accra, Ghana; the capital of Ghana, with its hot nightlife, popular seafront spots with golden sands, and markets.

Accra, Ghana

It is a wonder you haven’t hit up Expedia to book a flight now!

Last, but not least of the world cities, was the city of Zurich. Ranked at 100, but not the least a bad thing, Zurich, the financial capital of Switzerland, is a beautiful city. The city boasts a scenic waterfront, extravagant shopping, and many cafes and restaurants.

Zurich, Switzerland

I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I will provide a link so you can see if your city or destination is listed.

And always remember to use safety precautions whenever you travel, as no city is immune from crime and incidents. We are still in a pandemic, as well, so follow your local airport authorities when arriving to board a plane to your next vacation.

For a complete listing of Dori Olmos’ article for Time Magazine, click here.

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