If you are like me, and countless other uncles, aunts and parents alike, you know what time it is. The long days are about to get short, and the wind is about to become more common.

It is time for the kids to get back to the books, and looking good doing it matters – whether they are attending high school for the first time or they’re a college freshman embarking on a new educational journey. 

Macy’s knows that today’s youth cares about looking good with the latest trends. They have all the right fits for young men and women.

With these reality television shows placing a lot a pressure to be on top of the best fashion trends, today’s youth needs to be able to afford to look good, without their parents or guardian going broke doing it.

Some parents are blessed with a Macy’s Rewards credit card, while others have to put a few ducks in the row to dress their children. Nonetheless, Macy’s is making it easy during these tough times of Covid-19.

So, let me give you a few pointers on how to save and get the best look for your conscientious fashionable magnate at home.

First if you have a rewards card, wait until they alert you on the best and reasonable priced items.

During back-to-school time, as a card member, I get so many offers for the teens going back to classes. Even though I am not a parent, I do send these offers to families who could use them.

During Covid-19 especially, parents worry about sending their kids to school, but if they have to go to school, let them go with great and fashionable confidence.

From now and until next week, Macy’s has so many great offers for teens/kids, and most the offers are, yes, designer items. 

Boys’ fashion:

Tommy Hilfiger Big Boys graphic knit shorts

Regular $37.50, your price is $22.50


Tommy Hilfiger Big Boy Jeans

Regular $42.50, your price is $25.50

Tommy Hilfiger Chest Global Stripe Shirt

Regular $22.50, your price is $13.50

Kids Minecraft Back Pack set

Regular $42.00, your price $14.99

Big Boy Calvin Klein Graphic T-Shirts

Regular $19.50, your price $11.50

Teen girls/kids’ fashion:

Whether black or Caucasian these Tommy Hilfiger Global Flag Graphic T-Shirts are sure to please the big/little princesses as they make statements in the classrooms.

Regular price $26.50, your price $15.90

Big girl Splattered cuffed denim shorts

Regular price $40, your price $16.00

Love 2 Design Big Girl’s 3 piece-Backpack set

Regular $42.00, your price $14.99

Big Girls One Shoulder Dress

Regular $48.00, your price $19.20

These are just examples on how much you can save.

For those who may take offense to the Boys, Girls and Big Boys’ statements, that is just denoting the size chart for teens, starting at ages 8-20 for young men/boys, and ages 7-16 for young women/girls.

So, there you have it! If you are looking for more ideas, use my link to surf through more great designer brands. Click here!

There is next-day delivery available and pick up at your participating Macy’s.

There is also free shipping with purchases over $25, with some exclusions.

To apply for a credit card, click here.

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