Film Festivals are prestigious platforms that all filmmakers strive to be a part of each year. After all the intense hard work of pre-production, production, and post-production, there is no greater feeling than for a filmmaker to accomplish their task by submitting their indie film to a festival and being selected for an opportunity to present their work on the big movie screens in front of audiences all across the world.

These festivals are like the NBA championship or Super Bowl for movie makers and are highly competitive and not easy to get into.

My name is Lacey Turner aka  “G Souldier” and I am a filmmaker and music artist who has done the unimaginable. Not only was I chosen for my work to be shown at this year’s St. Louis Showcase Festival, but I submitted four films, which all were selected to appear in the program that will be screening from July 16th through July 25th.

Accomplishing this monumental feat is no easy task, due to the fact that the head of these festivals receive thousands of submissions each year and must narrow the showcase selections down to about only 100 entries. This accomplishment proves that hard work definitely pays off.

Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, I graduated from Webster University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production. I have been interviewed by TV Networks such as ABC, Fox, Entertainment Tonight, and a list of others. As a writer and director, I focus on powerful subject matter to create a dialogue between diverse groups of people. 

My production company, 4 Feet off the Ground in Association with Pure Reflection Productions, created six incredible films this year. 

My focal point is always the true essence of exceptional storytelling and writing about real topics that individuals try to sweep under the rug.

For example, my film, “I’m Not A Racist” is a dark comedy about a white family, whose  uncle teaches at an inner-city school. The uncle happens to walk in on his family having a very unpleasant conversation, or my film “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” which takes you on a quick journey about the senseless killings going on in St. Louis. 

Also, my award-winning film I created a year ago, “EneMe” will be featured at the festival. It centers on a man running away from demons before his time is up.  I close it out with one of my most powerful films to date, “Black Man,” which provides insight with the social injustices and everyday struggles that Black men face.

I strongly believe that everything I write has a solid message behind it.

This same sentiment is shared by the actors who have worked on my projects. Stacey White, who has worked with me on many films as an actress in front of the camera and also as part of the crew behind the scenes, states “As an actor, working with Lacey is always a great adventure, he makes sure that we are comfortable with delivering our lines and makes sure that we get his message for the film across so that the world can see and discover our great talents. He also makes sure that we are fully taken care of.”

Another talented actor named Dominic Green, who acts as a co-star in the film Black Man says “When I received the script, it was so powerful and hit close to home. I know almost every black male could relate to this story, so I knew I had to come with my A-game and deliver to the vision that Lacey had for this script”

I  feel it is imperative to tell stories in films that stand the test of time. ” There are so many execrable movies out there being created now, that I feel many filmmakers have forgotten what true filmmaking is all about. I call it microwave movie making.

Where they just throw stuff together and put it out there to receive a quick buck. I honestly have empathy for the people when I write. I care about their feelings, their struggles, their problems; their stories.  I will always speak for them in my talent as a filmmaker, hip-hop artist, actor, activist, business owner, author, songwriter, blogger and poet. 

I was also pleasantly surprised when the head of the film festival, Chris Clark contacted me  recently and asked me to perform some of my songs at the awards ceremony that will be held after the program this year. I feel blessed to be living in the moment and doing what I love to do as a writer and entertainer.

I look forward to continuing to captivate audiences with my art.  As the great movie director John Singleton says “I’ve got passion, and for people who don’t, I make them see how trite their lives are.”

You can get tickets to watch these films and more at the St. Louis Showcase at

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