The weather is about to get cool and crisp. The college kids will be packing up the cafes to study and savor coffee drinks.

I have been drinking coffee for many years, starting back when I was a nursing staff member, security officer, and compliance supervisor.

Coffee had become a life saver for me coming up, leading the way in my job. I used to be in charge of staff and residents of a half-way house, so you can imagine the stress I would run into.

Trying to stay up at night was always the big challenge, so coffee offered me a lifeline to keep me focused and alert during tough shifts.

It was the thrill of the caffeine rush, aroma, and taste that had drawn me to be addicted. I remember years ago a company called Gevalia used to let you subscribe to their many flavored coffees, and the subscription included a free colorful coffeemaker.

Each year as I’d grown with the company, I used to get a new pot each season. I felt like a kid on Christmas every time they would deliver them to my compliance office, where I managed desk monitors.

Now, as I get older, I have begun to try all the other different types of brew, with lattes being my favorite now, made with caramel and almond milk.

A latte is a type of coffee made with espresso and hot steamed milk, which makes it milkier than a cappuccino. The term comes from the Italian caffè e latte, caffelatte or caffellatte, which means “coffee and milk”.

In St. Louis, coffee is king, with coffee houses popping up everywhere you look.

My favorite place is Foundation Ground in the suburbs. But we will list all my favorites later, so if you are traveling here, you can note them.

I also like a good macchiato, which is similar to a latte, but made with a dash of frothy steamed milk. I prefer my macchiato from McDonald’s; they have the best.

So, if you are like me and just like being in a coffee house, then any brand of coffee you choose will give you the rush you need; and please grab some water as a back up because the caffeine rush can cause jitters as we age.

Top 5 coffee spots in St. Louis:

***Denotes frequent visits

Downtown St. Louis, MO:

***Cafe De Belaire 442 N.Fourth Street 63102

Blondie’s 1301 Washington Ave. 63103

Starbucks at Ball Park Village 6 Cardinal Way 63102

Maplewood/St. Louis:

***Foundation Ground 7298 Manchester Road 63143

Central West End/St. Louis:

***Kaldi’s 52 North Euclid Ave. 63108

So, whether it is to calm your day, relax your nerves, or just ease the stress of life, get out and grab you some java and enjoy life!

More on coffee and its origin:

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