I have seen some low down and dirty films before and not once have I ever come upon a movie like I Care A Lot. This film has so many twists and turns, and it is a wonder it wasn’t made on the big screen.

I Care A Lot, a Netflix 2020 original movie, stars Rosamund Pike as a manipulating, devious crook who acts as guardian for a whole lot of clients. She cared a lot (yeah right). She was working with a handful of people, including a shady judge to help get her hands on her client’s money, home, and assets.

At the beginning of the film, she is shown coming out of court with yet another shady deal to take over another unwilling client’s assets. However, the son rushes at her, calling her names and spitting at her. He had tried several times to reach his mom, but was unsuccessful due to the guardian taking over.

Then he will confront her again and it will be a devastating end to the movie and the character. However, not before the character Marla Grayson, gains a fortune in her shady dealings and almost walks free until she is confronted by the wrong mom and her gangster son.

Ok, no more spoilers; the movie is still on Netflix and has been in the Top 10 forever. So, go check it out! It’s directed by J. Blakeson and also stars the little person, Peter Dinklage, as the gangster.

There are a lot of African American elders and disabled in need of care. Of course, some family members have their hands full and can’t provide for them. Then there are children that just want the inheritance or whatever assets they can get.

I have been working in the field of caring for the elderly and disabled for years, and just like the movie, I have run into some family members who were guardians and were robbing their love ones blind. 

In the movie I Care A Lot, it was overly dramatic, but not untrue. There are a lot of frail elderly persons still at home and are being neglected by their families. 

I remember years ago, I had a client that had a great deal of money. Her family never came to see her, and she was home most of the time, until the caregiver popped in. As soon as the agency got help for her and arranged for a guardian, here comes the family balking the decision.

This guardian, unlike the movie, arranged for an assisted living facility as the client’s dementia set in. The facility took great care of her, and her family was able to visit whenever they liked.

So you see, there are good guardians around, and if you, as a family member, is appointed the task, there are a lot of options available to help make the effort worth the while.

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