Get a Little Stock and Watch Your Money Grow

I don't know much about stocks and investing. Nonetheless, I have found out a lot about saving my money and getting a little dividend every now and then.

I don’t know much about stocks and investing. Nonetheless, I have found out a lot about saving my money and getting a little dividend every now and then. I have three stocks that I put into, and that says a lot of about me wanting to grow with the knowledge of understanding how stock works. I have even voted in several stock proxies, meaning, I had the authority to represent myself in voting during the board meetings.

If you just have a small amount worth of stock you can get a seat in voting during the proxy. I remember clearly around last summer I had the opportunity to vote to keep a CEO on board. I thought that was very exciting.

So, you see that you can be part of something remarkably gaining, if you follow your passion for investing. Even though I can’t afford thousands of dollars of stock, it is still good to know you can have your money working for you.

My best advice if you are married or share joint accounts with a partner, seek advice and make sure you two have a mutual agreement before buying in. Stock can have its ups and down, and you are able to withdraw at any time less some fees.

Most companies like Stockpile, Cash app and Robinhood require that you connect to a real time bank account. That way you can deposit money to your wallet and withdraw money back to your elected bank account.

Some prefer that you use a bank for your own protection against fraud and to verify your identity, so do your research and find out if this is something you want to do.

My best stock platforms are, Cash App (has a portal that allows you access to buying stock from your wallet) and Robinhood. They keep little old me informed through texts to my phone. They let me know when my stock is up and down. They also give out free stock when you refer a friend. 

This just in: (Update from Twitter)

Exotic entertainer, Meg the Stallion (Tina Snow) brand, Hot Girl CEO and Cash App have teamed up to help all you novices learn more about stock and investing. So they are giving away 1 million dollars of Alphabet stock to thousands of Cash app recipients who reply with their cash apps.

So, just go over to Twitter and follow Tina Snow and Cash App, then reply to the post with your Cash app. You will never know, you might have some new stock in your cash app wallet.  Just recently, they did the same thing with Bitcoin.

Well, that is all for now, and I will be reporting back to you soon. There is so much to learn about investing and saving, especially through this pandemic thing. Today is now, and now is the time to start putting some money aside.

The best stocks to look into, but not limited to you from finding your own are:






And if you want to get into the cannabis game, check out this article I found on Google.

To just name a few, but don’t take my word for it. You may want to seek a professional stock broker or go at it alone. However, just know when to stop and pull your money out if you are losing more than gaining.

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