On Thursday, June 17, 2021, for what is considered a last minute pitch to make amend for 400 years of being held captive by our masters, the President Joe Biden signed a bill declaring Juneteenth a Federal holiday, which means as of Friday, all Federal offices are closed, excluding the post office.

In a statement, the post office stated it was too last minute to cease operations on such a short notice.

A little history for those who do not get it like, maybe my mom. June 19th commemorates when troops arrived in Texas to inform the last enslaved Black Americans that the Civil War has ended, and that they were free.

Illinois Governor, J.B Pritzker signed a bill to make Juneteenth a state holiday. There has been no word on if the state of Missouri will follow suit.

Nonetheless, this is great for most of us, but let’s not celebrate just yet. There are too many of us against one another, even when others are still attacking our race.

We need to stick together and learn to love each other and appreciate this small victory. Things like this shouldn’t happen just for the President and his Vice to satisfy an age-old issue.

African Americans and Black Americans have carried the USA on their backs, and we are still being treated like our ancestors were with whips and chains ravaging our bodies.

There isn’t anything right we can do or say to stop some from continuing to loathe our movement, however, we must be grateful to have made it this far with someone or anyone who cares to recognize our accomplishments and despair.

Emancipation of enslaved African Americans shouldn’t have to come with a price. We, the people, need to embrace anything given to the memory of sacrifice, so get out and savor the moment with your head held high.

Events around the Nation:

In St Louis, MO, there will be a community ride, starting at 9 am. in partnership with Trailnet,4theville. St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, this year’s Juneteenth Bike Tour, 10-12 miles in length, will focus on the historical legacy of black musicians in that city. For more information visit Trailnet’s website.

In Charlotte, NC, from June 17-20, they are celebrating big time with Juneteenth Festival of the Carolinas. Each year, they celebrate the ending of slavery as the black community comes together to reflect and remember such a historic event.

Another city most definitely comes to mind in regards to Black people and slavery freedom. Atlanta, Georgia will be the place to be for Juneteenth Commemoration, starting with the Atlanta History Center, and then the Centennial Olympic Park all weekend long.

Each one of these cities, and any other city in mind, can easily be Googled to get more information on approximate times and location. So enjoy and be safe!


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