Get Away By Traveling and Relieving Daily Stress

Picture this - destination: Idaho, and you have to fly across the country to experience it.

Picture this – destination: Idaho, and you have to fly across the country to experience it. No, this isn’t a Golden Girls’ Sophia Petrillo’s quiz, this is a look into an exciting getaway.

In 34 hours, I must say I have never experienced such beauty of our nation going out west.

The last time I had flown on a plane, out west that is, was my guys’ trip with friends to McCarran airport in Las Vegas, stopping in Phoenix first. I thought about a lot as the Delta flight took me all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah, before I had to hop on a smaller plane to Pocatello, Idaho.

I must tell you it was an experience indeed. Especially on the smaller plane, I thought I was about to meet my maker as the plane swerved toward the mountains below. Once arriving at my destination safely in Idaho, I had to meet my friend and travel back home 21+ hours in a vehicle.

Excitably, I had gotten the opportunity to experience the mountains and the wild wild west. I particularly enjoyed the peace and quiet of the road, and a welcome relief from home.

Everyone needs to enjoy getting out and traveling, whether it is for a short time or for a vacation. It offers such a great therapeutic effect. And surprisingly, most people savor the opportunity every chance they can get.

However, people like me don’t find it fun jumping on planes, especially the way my nerves are set up, but a friend needed me, and I was there to help out.

Flying such a long distance and having to drive almost a day back was a bit exhausting. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it and would do it again in 5 or 10 years.

The delicious moments of my trip were the great places to eat, like the Chopsticks Asia restaurant in Green River, Wyoming. The food was very delicious and satisfying, with enough to pack up for the doggie bags. 

Another great stop was when we were in Kearney, Nebraska, and decided to rest at Comfort Inn, with their spacious rooms and fabulous amenities. Before we could check in, they were handing us breakfast in a bag, due to COVID-19 regulations.

After a few hours of napping, we hit the road heading toward the state of Iowa, and then home to St. Louis. After getting dizzy admiring the mountains, the view seemed to go urban, but it was worth watching.

We did stop off for breakfast at Greenfield’s Restaurant in Lincoln, and I must say the food was marvelous. I have seen great service before, but they took the honor this time around.

If you are a driver, and love the country road, then this adventure is for you. I am not a regular driver, but since I had to help drive, I did my part and kept it over 75 miles per hour.

I wouldn’t advise you to speed on the road, because the cops are looking for some new friends. Just take your time and enjoy the trucks and the road repairs, while other vehicles cut in front of you.

As we made our way to Iowa and down toward Kansas City, MO, I felt we were getting close to home. I the felt an ounce of gratitude for my safety and thanked the Higher Power as always.

It had all started the day before on a plane, and then we were driving over 21 hours back home. So, think about it; choose your destination and just get up and go.

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