Image: Black Wall Street times

I wanted to point out five black-owned businesses that continue to be on the rise.

Black Girl Sunscreen 

With Christmas vastly approaching, I thought it would be only right to start this list with one of the most amazing brands for Black women out today.  “Black Girl Sunscreen.” We all know Sunscreen has been notorious for leaving white residue and streaks on the skin of blacks, but Black Girl Sunscreen is taking the world by storm. Founded in 2016 by Shontay Lundy, it’s a 30 SPF lotion formulated for women of color. Made with melanated skin in mind, It dries completely clear and protects melanin without the white cast. This brand is on the shelves of Target and other global stores as well as sold online. In its first six years, Black Girl Sunscreen has already seen exponential growth.

Frugal Bookstore 

Frugal Bookstore is the only Black-owned bookstore in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers the largest inventory of books from Black authors. Frugal is family owned and operated with a community-focused approach to selling books and has been operating for over 15 years. The bookstore attracts tourists from all over the world. The store has a famous motto which is “We are Changing Minds One Book At A Time,” 

 Crowns & Hops 

For all our beer drinkers out there, Crown & Hops is one of the few Black-owned breweries in the United States. Located in Inglewood California, The Co-founders Teo Hunter, and Beny Ashburn craft each beer to be themed around Black history and culture bringing much-needed diversity and inclusion into the industry and creating many jobs and career paths for people of color. They also started the 8 Trill Pils fund with their partners, BrewDog, to give $100,000 back to Black-owned breweries.

 Sparkle & Shine Family Dentistry 

Sparkle & Shine Family Dentistry has a mission to add shine back into its patient’s smiles. creating a fun, enjoyable, and exceptional dentist experience. Located in Louisville Kentucky, Sparkle & Shine is active in the community by hosting and participating in neighborhood events, giving out freebies, and school supplies.

Ani Real Estate 

Ani Real Estate is a commercial and residential real estate practice located in Chicago, Illinois. What’s exceptional about this company is that they have an all-Black team of talented brokers and realtors. Plus, Ani Real Estate’s owner and designated managing broker, Lutalo McGee, has active experts to guide all of its buyers or sellers through a smooth process to make sure your next move is your best move.

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