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The “Bad Boys” movie Franchise has been a staple in households since its creation in 1995. With three box office hit films in the collection. The movie stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as Miami detectives Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and Marcus (Lawrence).

Earlier this year, Will Smith confirmed that a fourth movie is in the works. As production is set to begin, it looks as if Theresa Randle’s time in the “Bad Boys” movie franchise has reportedly come to an end, decades after she starred in the first film.

Variety reported on Wednesday that actor Tasha Smith will replace Randle as Theresa, the devoted wife of the Marcus Burnett character in the upcoming “Bad Boys 4. News of Randle’s replacement and the recasting came amid a very concerning video shared by Hollywood Unlocked of a woman believed to be Randle sitting in a walker while speaking with locals on the streets.

The actress appeared smaller than what most fans remembered, wearing a Disneyland sweater, plaid pants, a green baseball cap, and blue disposable gloves. Fans expressed concern for her well-being.

Tasha Smith has starred in several shows and movies over the last three decades, including Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and its sequel, and its television spin-off series, For Better or Worse opposite Michael Jai White. Theresa Randle began her acting career in 1987, appearing in several Spike Lee films, including Girl 6, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X, Beverly Hills Cop III, Space Jam, and many more films from the late 80s to 2020. Roger Neal, who is the former manager and publicist of Theresa Randle, confirmed her identity in the video in a recent interview with Radar Online, stating “That’s definitely her. 100 percent.”

The agent said he hadn’t worked with the star in over a decade and had received several inquiries from folks wanting to work with the actress. However, he could not make contact noting that her number had changed and she no longer had a working email. He’s unsure of her current living condition, but she was last said to reside in Beverly Hills.

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