A look into the world of award-winning producer and LA Talk radio show host Priscilla Leona.

Priscilla Leona

When it comes to accolades, there is none more significant than the multiple award-winning Film Festival Producer, Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Actress, Television, and Radio Host. In addition, she was a judge and screener for the Burbank International Film Festival and The Show Low Film Festival, introducing Priscilla Leona.

Priscilla Leona has worked with many A-List celebrities in the Entertainment field, including  Danny Devito and Bill Duke. Leona stated, “Bill Duke was fantastic; he has this omnipresence. I worked with him on “ER.” What I loved about him was he talked to all the cast and crew. When it comes to Danny Devito, he  was wonderful, kept the set very energetic, and always told jokes.” Priscilla is very excited about her subsequent two films that are upcoming, created by the mother and daughter team Martina Webster and Dalea Faulkner

The first film is titled Hashtag Blessed. The film won the Alan Parsons Award For Best Score in Scotland. Leona states, “It’s coming out in December to theaters with a limited release and it will be on every streaming service. This film covers the Christmas theme and is a movie about hope as it touches on mental health issues around the holiday season.

 My next film, The Christmas Witch  is just as powerful. We start filming this November and part of it will be shot in Germany. The film sheds light on magic, nature, and the everlasting battle between good and evil. It also deals with the topic of bullying.“

One of Priscilla’s pet peeves is filmmakers not Marketing and Branding their projects. I went on to ask Priscilla what some Do’s and Don’ts in the industry are. “When in casting calls, don’t talk too much, Don’t try to shake their hands, and if doing a scene and you mess up, don’t say I’m sorry a hundred times. Just say can we start again? Always smile. Do go to networking events as much as possible. Don’t act desperate, and always be on time. Don’t try to give a director tips when on a film set.” While Priscilla continues to shine in everything she touches, you can catch her on LA Talk Radio with her show titled  Question Reality.

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