Grammy Award-Winning Producer, MC, Actor, Poet, Director, and Songwriter Albe Back continues to make his name known throughout the Entertainment Industry. Born and raised in The South Bronx, Albe Back’s mentor was the late great Big Pun. “I was watching him write. Some of the classic records you have heard, I watched him pen them together. He was the king of the features.” I asked Albe Back what kind of style he compares himself to. “I’m a poet. Spoken word artist. I also love writing screenplays and dialogue and watching it come to life.”

Albe has written and worked on projects for some of our favorite artists including The Game, Kanye West, Macy Gray, and many others. He received his first grammy on Kanye West’s multi-platinum album “Graduation”, writing and producing the song Goodnight feat Mos Def. “To be a part of that was surreal, just being in the whole presentation of the art piece. Our art is not for just that time. Our art is for later.”

Albe Back’s Gospel Rap Masterpiece is out right now titled “Apple Z.” I asked where the name came from.”Apple Z on your computer is a redo, a refresh. Also, the start and finish of the beginning of man and the end of time such as the thoughts of Stanley Kubrick’s idea in 2001, A Space Odyssey film.  

The idea that we were in the seed form when we were listening to God. and everything between doesn’t really matter. All we have to do is hit Apple Z to get back to God. and we will be fine. He is not judging you.” Albe Back talked about his time performing on Def Poetry Jam. “It was great. It was exhilarating. Albe Back played the role of Brooklyn in the critically acclaimed film ATL. I asked what the experience was like.” We are still friends today. Jason Weaver is still my brother, Jackie Long is still my brother, and Lauren London is still my sister.  We are still a family.”

His greatest challenge has been navigating through the industry without Big Pun. Albe Back’s greatest accomplishment has been working on the Donda Album. I asked Albe Back when it was all said and done and he is long gone from this earth, What is it that he wants the world to know about him?

 “That I was a tree. Doing the work of a father. stretching my arms to Heaven, dropping off the fruit. providing shade, providing air. providing the paper. and providing some dope raps on those papers. God Bless.”

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