Born and raised in Yonkers, New York. Marc Hoberman had a great upbringing but life would hit him hard at the age of 16 once he was diagnosed with epilepsy after having seizures. He went into a deep depression. 

His parents found him a doctor at the age of 18. Marc went on to college and became an English teacher for over 30 years. While dealing with those life experiences. Marc started writing a powerful book for 10 years, but  It wasn’t until his son became diagnosed with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), that he finished it in four months and completed writing his award-winning memoir ‘Adversity Defeated: Turn your struggles Into Strengths.’  

Marc stated “This book allowed me to pay it forward as an educator. It helps people with overcoming adversity, helps people with gender issues, bullying, divorce, drug issues,and etc. It teaches you how to become your own support system first.”

Marc also started the program “Grade Success Education”, a full tutoring service. Marc was online and virtual for 11 years before Covid ever hit. On the programming aspect of Grade Success, Marc teaches study skills for Health and Wellness and to reduce stress

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