In a phenomenal move, Michael Dante Dottin, the founder and CEO of 319 Media Group, has elevated his multifaceted career to new heights by becoming the first African-American director for ABC News Live. Dottin, a distinguished audio engineer and Technical Production Manager, has built an impressive career that now includes segment producer and director roles, showcasing his diverse talents and creative vision. 

As the mastermind behind 319 Media Group, Dottin has been instrumental in producing original content, ranging from game shows to reality TV programs and television series. His journey into the world of television began in 1995, and since then, he has continually pushed boundaries and challenged norms.

His commitment to excellence and innovation recently led him to the director and co-producer roles for segments of ABC’s “Hip-Hop At 50,” garnering well-deserved recognition for his contributions.  

Dottin’s foray into the world of news agencies started with major players such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, where he showcased his expertise as an audio engineer. However, it is his recent transition to the role of the first African-American director and segment producer for ABC News Live that marks a significant milestone in his career. 

While laying the foundation for 319 Media Group in 2006, Dottin envisioned a platform that would produce a diverse range of captivating television properties. Now, with an impressive portfolio that includes original shows like “Salute TV” and “The Sit Down,” Dottin is set to take center stage as he embarks on full-time production for 319 Media Group.  

The expansion of 319 Media Group’s portfolio heralds an exciting chapter for Dottin and the company alike. Known for his commitment to quality and creativity, Dottin’s upcoming projects, including “The Guess List,” “Flawless,” and “Fairytale Lover,” are eagerly anticipated to resonate with audiences across various demographics.

Founded in 2006, 319 Media Group stands as an innovative entertainment company dedicated to producing high-quality television content

With a steadfast focus on originality and captivating storytelling, 319 Media Group is committed to delivering engaging experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. Michael Dante Dottin’s journey as the first African-American director for ABC News Live exemplifies his dedication to breaking barriers and expanding horizons in the dynamic world of entertainment.

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