Discover the empowering story of 13-year-old author Bron Echols, who launched the first ever skincare guide for Black children, breaking barriers and promoting education.

Bron Echols, a 13-year-old prodigy, has made history by becoming the first author to publish a book dedicated to skincare for Black children. His groundbreaking book, Wash Your “T” and Close Your Eyes, co-authored with his mother, Patrice Tartt Chappelle, is poised to revolutionize how Black and brown children perceive and practice skincare. A few weeks after the book’s release, the duo received a $2,000 grant to further their business efforts.

Wash Your “T” and Close Your Eyes follows the story of a young boy named Bron, who begins his school day with a routine of washing his face and brushing his teeth. Bron soon discovers that using generic soap, water, and his mom’s lotion is insufficient for his adolescent skin. Enter the Magical MelanFairy, a whimsical character who teaches Bron the importance of proper skincare, emphasizing the need to wash the t-zone of his face. The MelanFairy’s mission is clear: to instill a love for their skin in all children and educate them on how to care for it.

This book, beautifully illustrated and rich with practical skincare tips, offers a charming narrative that helps keep children’s skin healthy and hydrated year-round. By highlighting the essential nature of skincare for children and offering a relatable and magical story, Wash Your “T” and Close Your Eyes is set to become a cornerstone in children’s literature and skincare education.

The book has received acclaim and was featured on, where a reviewer praised it: “Loved it! This informative and exceptionally written story explains why and how to care for your skin, the body’s largest organ!”

Bron and Patrice aim to instill good skincare habits in young readers, demonstrating that taking care of their skin is crucial at every age, especially during the pre-teen years. Bron emphasizes the uniqueness of their message, stating, “There are plenty of books about the tooth fairy, even some about children loving and embracing their hair, but there are not any children’s books that talk about, focus on, and teach proper skincare and the importance of taking care of your skin.”Wash Your “T” and Close Your Eyes is available for purchase on Amazon, making it accessible for families looking to educate their children about the importance of skincare. Bron Echols’ pioneering work is not just a book; it’s a movement towards better skincare awareness and practices among children of color.

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