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In the 90’s there was one man who brought laughter to African-American households throughout America. Fast Forward to 2023. Actor and comedian Martin Lawrence was honored Thursday, with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.  

Martin has starred in several television shows and films, including his sitcom Martin, the Big Momma series, and the Bad Boys series, which is coming out with a fourth film. Those in attendance included Tichina Arnold,  Lynn Whitfield, Steve Harvey, and Tracy Morgan. They shared remarks about Lawrence’s legacy and his impact on the world of television.

In addition, there were many more friends and family in attendance to celebrate his legacy and accomplishments. Martin stated “I’ve been crying all week, So, you know, I figured if I had my glasses on today then maybe y’all won’t see the tears. 

But they’re most definitely tears of joy.” Martin would go on to express how comedians that came before him influenced his life describing Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy as inspirations. Lawrence stated, “Just following what they’ve done in their career has allowed me to push forward in mine, so I’m very grateful and thankful.”

While marveling at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Martin would leave these words of wisdom to the public. “If I can pass one thing on to those coming after me, it would be to board your dream bus with confidence, grace, and humility and ride it till the wheels off, “Let the doubters runteldat.”

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