The eco-friendly movement has taken off. Businesses are looking for ways to make their production more eco-friendly using recycling, and many have shifted to creating completely sustainable products. For those looking to support the black community and reduce their carbon footprint, you may want to invest in one of these 5 black owned eco-friendly products.

#1: Arrow and Phoenix

Meta description: Jordan Coleman wearing Arrow and Phoenix.
Source: Instagram (@arrowandphoenixswim)

Arrow and Phoenix (@arrowandphoenixswim on Instagram) is a swimwear line owned and founded by Kayla Bell. All of their swimsuits are made out of recycled fabric, but they don’t stop there; all their shipping material and packaging is made of recycled material, too. A+P’s stunning designs have attracted celebrity attention, and has been spotted on Megan The Stallion and Vanessa Simmons, to name a few. They cater to a wide range of sizes and carry XS-3XL, and cup sizes A-H. 

#2: Fill More Waste Less

Meta description: Eco-friendly kitchen items found on Fill More Waste Less.
Source: Cincinnati Magazine

FMWL is a single platform that lets users shop for sustainable goods in one spot. They have a brick and mortar location (shop by appointment only) as well as an online shop. Gabrielle Lauren launched FMWL after seeing the negative effects that the industry she was in had on the environment. Through FMWL, shoppers can find household essentials from detergent to kitchen sponges, brushes and combs,  kitchen towels, and much more—all made sustainably. 

#3: PUR Home

Meta description: PUR Home’s popular Citrus bathroom cleaner, no dyes or artificial fragrances.
Source: PUR Home

PUR Home, run by Angela Richardson and Michelle Richardson, creates non-toxic household cleaning products. Their online shop includes collections for laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and overall sanitizing products, so there’s something to help you clean every part of your home. All products are free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, and come in recyclable containers—perfect for those with odor and skin sensitivities. They even offer laundry detergent in paper bottles, which is an amazing way to package!

#4: BLK + GRN

Meta description: All products showcased by BLK + GRN are chosen by black health experts.
Source: Instagram (@blkandgrn)

BLK+GRN is an all-natural marketplace that showcases only black artisans. BLK+GRN features products across a wide range of black-owned brands, including bath and body, groceries, beauty, skincare, home, and maternity care. All the showcased products are chosen by black health experts who screen creators to ensure sourcing, packaging, and community responsibility. 

#5: Linoto

Meta description: A beautiful linen bedding set by Linoto.
Source: Instagram (@linotodotcom)

Linen items are typically expensive, but founder Jason Evege prides himself on bringing more affordable options to the market. Linoto makes gorgeous linen sheets, napkins, tablecloths, curtains, and towels that are held to designer standards. They are marked with chalk, washed with all-natural detergent, and wrapped in plastic-free sustainable / recycled packaging. 

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