Let’s face it, most of the new groups out there tend to produce the same sound or visual aesthetic. It is enough to make your year for the hits of the 90s or the creativity of the 2000s. That’s not to say modern artists are not talented, but rather, sometimes nostalgia makes us yearn for yesteryear. With a few rock, soul, and pop groups launching reunion tours in recent years, it makes us wonder if any R&B groups might be up for a reboot. We have put together a list of R&B groups we would love to see get back together for a tour.

Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge.jpg

Atlanta is the birthplace of many talented R&B singers. One of the most prolific groups is Jagged Edge. Their street style paired with their melodic flow memorized and an entire generation. The last we heard the boys were still active, so now would be a tremendous time to toss together a reunion and hit the trail on tour.

En Vogue

En Vogue.jpg

Of all the female R&B groups out there, En Vogue is one of the most successful. These talented women offered up a sultry sound that was part funk, part soul, and all R&B. Their most famous song “Free Your Mind” is still on the air even in 2022. They went through several members during their prime and released their last album title Soul Flower in 2004. Now is as good as a time as ever for the original members to reunite and hit the road for a new tour.

Destiny’s Child

Destinys Child.jpg

This group came onto the scene and dominated the genre of female R&B groups. Though their lead has gone on to become one of the biggest solo stars in the world, we are all waiting with bated breath for the original group to drop some hits. These talented ladies are fantastic on their own, but as a group, they drop verses and vocals with which no one can compete. I mean, they got together in 2013 for the Super bowl and for Beychella, but a true reunion and tour would make it into the history books.



Total is one of the original girl’s groups of R&B. They offer up a classic 90’s sound that is paired with an edgy vibe that draws you in. Before we get to their hits and their vocals, we must take a moment to compliment their iconic style. The pair went platinum in the 90s and ten years ago they stated they were back in the studio. We know that life can get busy, especially with so much going on these days. However, true fans and new fans alike would love to see the memorable pair on the road again.



112 made it to the top of the male R&B list in the ’90s with hits such as Peaches & Cream, Cupid and It’s Over Now. Their style was drool-worthy at the time and proved to help more substantially support their lasting success. They broke up in 2005 to work on individual albums but got back together in 20017. We have not heard much from these talented artists in recent years, but we can only hope a tour is possible sometime in the future.

Dru Hill

Dru Hill.jpg

Drue Hill, a Baltimore-based R&B group gained massive popularity 20 years ago. Their melodic vocals, flashy style, and unique lyrics took the world by storm. They ended up collaborating with some of the biggest names in music and their style and verses are still found in modern music. The group did split, with several members going solo, including their front runner Sisqo. They tried to make it work again but several members left for good. Though Dru Hill did replace those members, we would love to see the original 4 reunite and hit the tour circuit once again.

Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men.jpg

Philly produces a lot of talent, however the most memorable of all time is undoubtedly Boyz II Men. Even 30+ years past their debut this group remains a well-loved cultural icon. They sold an astronomical number of records that still outpaces most artists of the modern age. Their honey voices, calm demeanor, and heart-rending hits still strike a chord with modern audiences. Although Michael McCary was forced to retire in 2003 due to serious health issues, we would love to see the group reunite and go on tour.


All 4 One.jpg

This R&B band is one of the most memorable boy groups of the 90s. Their melodic voices paired with sweet lyrics made them a household favorite all over the country. Alfred Nevarez, Jamie Jones, Delious Kennedy, and Tony Borowiak released hits such as I Can Love You Like That”, “I Swear”, and “So Much in Love” which can still be found on the air today. Though the band never broke up, they have not released music in a while and we would love to see them on tour in 2022.

Soothing Sounds of From The Annuls of R&B History

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