Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with so little time, you may be scrambling to find the perfect gift. Although Mother’s Day always falls on the second weekend of May every year, it is easy to lose track of time when spring has sprung. Thankfully, there are a lot of wonderful last-minute options out there for Mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and other nurturing figures in your life.

For those looking for unique gifts that make a statement, or for heartfelt selections that will melt her heart, we can help. Are practical items more your mother’s style, or perhaps she enjoys the finer things in life. Self-care and pampering gifts are always a great choice, regardless of who you happen to be gifting. Regardless of what you may be searching for, you are sure to find the perfect gift from one or more of these amazing Black-owned companies this Mother’s Day.

BLK & Bold Coffee

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Coffee is often the first love and the essential fuel mom’s need to get through their day. Now that you are all grown up, you can give her the gift of luxury ground coffee to tickle her taste buds. Your mom will love the taste of BLK & Bold’s fair-trade certified dark roast steamed to perfection. They offer whole beans and ground beans available online through their site, or on The company is Black-owned and the founders Pernell & Rod donate 5% of all profits to support local and national youth that are at-risk.

The Frugal Book Store

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For bookworms and price-savvy shoppers alike, books make a great gift for Mother’s Day that she can enjoy for years to come. While there are bookstores all over the country, even those own and operated by African Americans, there is something that makes The Frugal Book Store extra special. In addition to being a locally owned and operated store, the vast majority of the selections focus on people of color or are written by black authors. You can order online or visit this wonderful location in person if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Hanahana Beauty

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For mom’s that are into clean products and love to pamper themselves, what better way to bring out their inner beauty than with Hanahana Beauty. This Black-owned business offers a wide variety of clean products that are health, skin, and socially conscious. They offer pure Shea butter direct from the source while ensuring that the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana who provides it is paid a living wage and honored for their contributions. If you are looking for good-smelling ingredients that will nourish the skin, hair, and enliven the soul, this brand is worth checking out this May. You can shop online or give your mom, so she can pick out her own pampering kit for Mother’s Day.


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Healthy food options can often be hard to come by for those living with certain conditions. This Mother’s day makes things easier for your mom with a gift or subscription to Muniq. This innovative Black-owned company was created to help people live better through proper nutrition. Not at all a diet, but rather a healthy way of eating that is backed by science and supported by delicious healthy ingredients. Their shakes come in three flavors, and there are also vegan options for those with dietary restrictions. Make the most of Mother’s Day by supporting her health goals this year.

Brown Girl Jane

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This brand offers the double whammy, it is owned and operated by a woman, who also happens to be African American. There is never a better time to support Black women than on Mother’s Day. This company offers a diverse range of health and wellness products based on CBD. Each of their hair, skin and wellness products offers a high concentration of the purest CBD blends on the market today. Guaranteed to be free of THC, all of their lines are grown, produced, and distilled in the USA. There are drops that will help you rest better at night and those that will make your skin glow like a goddess. They also have scented candles and body butter that smell sublime and are guaranteed to make your mom happy.

Bolé Road Textiles

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No matter what the occasion you can never go wrong with a comfy through, a lush pillow, or any other unique type of home furnishing. This Mother’s Day support owners and creators of color when you shop from Bolé Road Textiles. They offer just about anything you need for your home in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors. They have moderns designs and also classic simplicity that will fit in with just about every aesthetic. You can even pick up some hand-woven rugs to add a splash of color to your Mom’s living room or bedroom.

Supporting Black Owned Businesses One Holiday At A Time

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