For many, fall is the season for fashion. The weather is cool enough to accessorize but warm enough that a nice outfit doesn’t get wasted underneath a bulky coat. For decades, fashion has been dominated by white designers. However, there are a number of black-owned fashion houses and brands on the scene that are giving us the representation and appreciation that the industry has been lacking, and the style is completely unmatched. As you’re taking stock of your closet this fall, here are some staples to consider while supporting black-owned fashion brands.

Babes and Felines

Meta: Babes fall essentials, comfy crop top and fitted sweats to flatter all body types.
Source: Instagram @shopbabes

There needs to be more hype for Babes. Founder Ciera Rogers (@cierarogers) has built a brand that caters to all, but pays special homage to the curvy crowd, “because curvy girls were shut out for a long time; I catered to them.” Some of their most popular items are fall staples. Their sweatsuit sets (with crop top options) run for about $100 and are great casual leisurewear for autumn outings—or just hanging out at home. They also offer stunning bodycon maxi dresses that are the perfect foundation for layers that range from $30-$110. Babes are devoted to comfort, and all their materials are soft and stretchy, perfect for cooler weather. Babes have even caught the attention of Lizzo, who proudly sported a comfy Babes set on Instagram.


Meta: The tie-dye signature logo men’s hoodie by FUBU, retailing for $129 USD.
Source: FUBU

No list of black-owned fashion brands would be complete without FUBU. FUBU, or “For Us By Us” is a brand that has come a long way from its founding in 1992. Their list of owners (and founders) includes names like Daymon John and J. Alexander Martin, who have made names for themselves as black entrepreneurs in the industry. Today, FUBU continues to offer some of their most popular staples, like the bold clothing for both men and women that they are known for. However,  FUBU has streamlined offerings of comfortable fall sweats that range from $50 – $130.


Meta: “Blazer” boots from the TwelveAM shop, retailing for $88 USD.
Source: TwelveAM

For fall boots and booties, we have to give them to TwelveAM. Owned by Areial Lomack, TwelveAM is a black-owned shoe boutique out of North Hollywood, California. Lomack, who built the business from scratch while working full time during the day, describes the pieces in her shop as “statement-makers,” but their offerings certainly cater to those with tamer tastes as well. Lomack goes on to say that one thing she prides herself in with regards to her business is her attention to price point without sacrificing quality. In the TwelveAM store, you’ll find a range of gorgeous fall footwear from ankle boots to thigh-highs, with reasonable prices in the ballpark of $60 – $150. 

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