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After the food comas of Thanksgiving have subsided, the next thing worth getting worked up over is Black Friday, which is always the Friday following Turkey Day. It’s the day where tons of stores offer early deals on gangbuster items. Since 2005, it has been the single busiest day of shopping of the year.

In 2021, Black Friday falls on November 27. To be ready to grab the best deals as early as you can, here are our tips for shopping the right way on the day of deals.

Be an early bird

Early birds get worms, TVs, home appliances, video games, mattresses, and whatever else they need. Black Friday has been happening earlier and earlier every year, with many stores starting their deals at midnight the previous night or even on Thanksgiving itself.

You have to get out early if you want to snag the perfect deal.


Not everything will be attainable on Black Friday. Some items, like the coveted PS5 and Nintendo Switch OLED, already sell so well that it’s unlikely you’ll find amazing deals on them. But they will disappear all the same.

If you want one this holiday season, consider buying them ahead of the big shopping day to make sure you get it.

Do your research

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You may remember your dad sifting through store catalogs before the big day, keeping an eye out for commercials, and picking up flyers – that used to be the only way to know what deals were coming.

Now, Black Friday deals are advertised everywhere. With a retailer or a product in mind, you should make a game plan before the big day. Follow stores on social media to stay up to date on everything deal-related.

Price match smartly

Price-matching is every deal-hungry shopper’s dream. It sounds almost too good to be true – go to the retailer of your choice and make them lower their prices by showing them the sales at another store.

However, not every store does this, most require specific price documentation, and many price matching policies do not include clearance sales. Better do your research first!

Plan ahead

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Black Friday shopping is so much easier when you know where you’re going, when, and for what product. If you plan on price-matching, have the proof ready on your phone. If you plan on stopping at multiple stores or malls, remember what traffic and parking are going to be like. Your time will be on a budget.

Research returns

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Returns are an inevitable part of shopping impulsively. However, returns don’t work the same at every store. Many extend their policies during the holiday season while some items are excluded from returns altogether.

Before shopping, you should know the return policies of the stores you’re planning on visiting.

The Takeaway

Black Friday can be the perfect time to jumpstart your Christmas gift shopping or get the technology you’ve been craving all year at discounted prices. However, the shopper’s timeline gets earlier and shorter every year, with many of the biggest deals disappearing in hours.

Use these tips to plan ahead and get the most out of Black Friday 2021.

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