With spring knocking on our door, there is no better time than the present to enact a refresh. Get rid of the drab gloomy colors of winter and welcome in the new season with bursts of brightness. If you are stuck without ideas on how to beautify your home, our spring interior design tips are an excellent place to start. We have put together a few suggestions to help celebrate your creativity. Many of our tips also showcase nature and ethnic styles that will make your space bloom, pop, and blossom.

Integrate Raw Wood & Natural Fibers Into Your Home

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Trees and wood are synonymous with spring. Wood also happens to be an essential material deeply associated with warmth, comfort, and renewal. To upgrade the look of your space this spring in a simple way, consider integrating wooden showpieces, wall art, and furniture into your home. You can add a wooden side table to your hallway or sitting rooms or even hang intricate designs on your wall. To add an ethnic flair, consider placing traditional wooden pieces throughout your space. For an extra special touch, you can even used painted wood or wooden artifacts to add color to a room. 

Focus on Florals

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Florals are a great way to add whimsy to your space while also celebrating the turn of the season. Most people think of bright pinks and yellows when they think of florals, but this year, consider getting creative. Dark backgrounds with light flowers create the perfect contrast that will easily stand out in any space. If you don’t want to commit to redoing your whole room or space in floral prints, focus on one wall on which to make a dramatic placement. You can keep the rest of the space simple with other touches to draw the whole room together. Not only will you have a new spring look, but you will also create a focal point on which to design the rest of the space.

Play in Pastels

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For minimalist decor, instead of adding more to your space focus on color. A background of creams or pastel colors with pops of yellow is perfect for the spring. Consider swapping out your winter window treatments and adding light colors as the base with gauzy white sheer fabric as the center. Pastel couch covers can be topped with pastel pillows and matching accessories around the rest of the room. This idea is an affordable yet creative way to welcome the spring without breaking the bank. To add a bit more character you can either add some live seasonal plants or some fresh cut seasonal flowers to tie the whole look together.

Purposeful Spring Decor

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Spring is the ideal time to look towards meeting your goals. It is moreover a great time to think about appreciating what you have. One way to refresh your home, look towards the future, and use what you have is by repurposing. Sustainable repurposing will help you get rid of items and fabrics that are underutilized by giving them a new purpose. This will help cut down on waste and save you money in the long run. Consider sewing together bright fabrics that are lurking in your closet. You can create visually stunning pillow covers, table mats, and even wall decor with items you already own. Turn old containers into bright spring-themed decorations that serve a renewed purpose instead of clogging up a landfill. Round out the space with a few personal touches to bring the whole aesthetic together for a homely spring vibe. If you must include something new, choose a bright rug that will work well for both spring and summer to get the most out of your purchase.

Play Up Your Neutrals

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Spring is a great time to show off bright colors, but we understand that is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a lover of neutrals and classic lines, there are still plenty of design ideas to help you celebrate the season. Neutrals are an expansive way to open up your space and create a blank slate for pops of color or lines of earthy tones. If you are a nature lover, consider sticking to lighter tans and brown and then adding in some zebra prints. Accent this style with leafy green plants or nature-based wall art to give your home a spring-like feel.

Have Fun With Your Home

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The most important thing about spring interior design is that it should reflect you. Everyone has their own personal style, preferences, pattern choices, and aesthetic that they like for their space. At the end of the day, you should create a unique look in your space that brings you joy every time you walk in the door. From bright florals to deep earth colors, there is no limit when it comes to spring decor.

Give Your Home A Fresh Look With Spring Design Tips with an Ethnic Flair

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