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If you are ever in the Show Me city of St Louis, you will immediately know what they like. Most people in St Louis craze this one delicacy of many that the city is known for.

They love that crispy, chewy scrumptious fried Tripe sandwich. What is a Tripe?

Shaped like a Honey cone the wonderful beginning of a delicious delicacy. Photo by Associated Press

The story title gives you a little hint. However, for those who do not know what Tripe is. Tripe is the first or second stomach of a cow. And if it is cooked effectively, that stomach never tasted so good.

Some would say that Tripe fried, taste better than chicken wings. On the other hand, a visitor to St Louis would say something a little more vulgar.

Nonetheless, once you smack your lips, and go for that first bite. Your taste buds will transcend you into culinary heaven.

Yes, indeed Tripe is a delicious snack, and if you are in St Louis, you better not dare put catsup on it. Tripe taste so better with onions, hot sauce and mustard only.

St Louis has many places that you can go to enjoy a fine Tripe sandwich. So before I give you the Top places to get your bite on. Let me tell you about something that happened to me last Friday.

Me and my sister were shopping and then we got a little hungry. At the start I wanted some good fish, and she wanted some fried okra.

We went to new place in the east Loop of Delmar called AAA Fish House 5916 Delmar St Louis, MO 63112; this is a fairly new place. I wanted to mention it because even in a pandemic, they found a great location to settle into. When you walk into this spacious snack shop, if you are like me, you will remember this place was an entertainment venue, Ethiopian Restaurant and I believe an Asian café.

The décor is pretty neat with a huge mural of cooks and chef doing their thing. There also was memorial mural of a lady they were honoring, plenty of seating, an outdoor patio and a cash bar. They bar didn’t have a huge selection of liquor just yet, but they are working on their inventory.

The staff were very friendly and doing their thing. So back to the Tripe, it was very delicious, I almost said better than mine at home..

So, this day, a Thursday, imagine my shock and horror, after all that. They were closed for vacation. My heart sank, I was devastated, I had my intentions set on their Tripe.

Then the food gods said support their neighbor who was steps away, Vails Brothers Shrimp Chicken Fish, 5942 Delmar, St Louis, MO 63112. They entrance is a little smaller, but they do have a very accommodating patio, fit for an intimate gathering.

No, they don’t sell liquor, but they do sell Tripe. So, I took my chance and ordered our food.

I must say, these two places got the game and gone. However, I still like AAA Fish House’s Tripe better.

But the Vails have been in business for a long time. They also are famous for their glorious food truck business. I met these brother years ago when they catered for Fleetwood & Son, and then I saw them a few years ago at a Christmas party. And they always call me ‘Boss’.

I am hoping Wilbert and Eric won’t kill me about the Tripe. But they have so much else on the menu, just as AAA, that will give your warm palate a thrill.

Click on the links and find out more about both of these great new black owned Tripe locations in east Loop, St Louis, MO.

How to make a great Tripe?

You will need eggs



Salt (Seasoning of your choice)


Pot of water

Half pound of Tripe

Skillet with hot cooking oil (I prefer vegetable oil)

Boil the Tripe for at least 3-4 hours making sure not to overcook.

Rub the Tripe in milk and eggs mixed for about 5 minutes. Douse a little flour, then tenderly dip back in egg batter. After that put the Tripe into a mixing bag of flour and fry in a skillet until the batter is brown and crispy. If you boiled the Tripe right then you will have some tender and finely crispy Tripe. Serve with bread, onions, mustard, hot sauce and pickles (optional) If you boiled it too short, your Tripe will taste like a tire. Enjoy!

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