Since the pandemic began, at-home dates have become a much more popular occurrence. While it can be a bummer that some of the less socially-distant activities are off the table, the added intimacy doesn’t seem so bad for Valentine’s Day. There a plenty of ways to celebrate with your special someone, whether you choose to go out or stay home! If you’re looking for some fun Valentine’s Day plans that aren’t your usual ‘dinner and a show,’ try one of these non-traditional date ideas.

Escape Room 

Meta: Escape room in NYC.
Source: NY Post

If you’re unfamiliar with escape rooms, the concept is that you and your team are locked in a room filled with puzzles. Together, you must solve the puzzles in order to get access to the key or code that gets you out of the room. Pre-pandemic, these were typically done in groups of four or more. However, there are a ton of escape rooms that offer sessions for two people. If you and your loved one are fans of puzzles and mysteries, this is a fun way to kick off your date night.

At-Home Paint Night

Meta: A couples’ painting, using a Painting to Gogh kit.
Source: Painting to Gogh

Painting events, usually accompanied with booze for adults, exploded in popularity in the late 2010s. You and your party rent a studio and an instructor teaches you simple painting techniques, guiding you through creating your own version of a work of art in the process. It’s fun, it allows you to get creative — and a little silly if the drinks are flowing. Since the pandemic began, many studios have closed down or significantly reduced their reservation capacities. However, services like Painting to Gogh provide paint kits with all the supplies you need to host your very own private painting party right in your own home — right down to the aprons. You can even grab a special date night kit, so you and your partner can collaborate to create a work of art together.


Meta: Couples paintball.
Source: Cupid’s Pulse

Maybe you’re not a fan of painting with a brush? Paint with a gun instead. Paintball is a fun activity whether you’re on a date or not. For adrenaline junkies, there’s something much more appealing about dodging around a course with your partner than there is to sit through a movie. Instead of a date night, make it a date afternoon. Paintball is the most fun in a group, so link up with a few couples to reserve a field. Relive some of your favorite childhood games: capture the flag, king of the hill, or bomb squad. It’s a dirty, messy good time that is great for lovers who are still kids at heart.

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