Black culture is rich and diverse and so is Black cuisine. With creative influences coming from various African countries, the Caribbean, and the traditional American South, there are so many flavorful options to discover. In the US, with so many different mixtures of various Black cultures, the perfect canvas for flavors has found a place to truly shine.

The Black community has a lot to offer from spiritual thoughts to technological innovations that save lives. One thing that everyone can revel in is the food. We have put together a list of some of our favorite black-owned restaurants from across the country that you should visit if you are ever in the neighborhood.

Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe – Atlanta, GA

Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe - Atlanta, GA.jpg

If you ever find yourself in the ATL, make a point of visiting the Historic West End area. Not only is the scenery a delight to the eyes, but Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe will also be a delight to your taste buds. This black-owned restaurant specializes in raw vegan cuisine with a twist. No simple salads and bland sandwiches will be found on the menu. From spicy kale salads to healthy vegan wraps, you are sure to find something that tickles your taste buds and delights your senses.

Paint ‘N Pour – Harlem, New York

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For adults who are looking for a new spin on date night, Paint ‘N Pour has just what you need to fill your belly and spark your imagination. This black-owned restaurant is for adults only and offers a unique dining experience you won’t find anywhere else. You can visit their Harlem or Lower east side location to enjoy a night of painting, culinary delicacies, and expertly paired wines. Every meal ticket comes with art supplies and instructions. There is an open bar that features all the classics in addition to a diverse range of custom-made cocktails that will fit any taste. The meal menu ranges from shrimp po’boy sliders or jerk chicken empanadas to French toast or shrimp and grits. Next time you are planning a night out, take a break from the ordinary with this delightful option.

KitchenCray Cafe- Lanham, Maryland

KitchenCray Cafe- Lanham, Maryland.jpg

With so many big chains around it can be easy to overlook small gems in the culinary field. KitchenCray Cafe has carved out a niche in the field of food that not only keeps customers coming back, it also brings in new mouths the feed. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, this black-owned restaurant has taken extra steps to ensure their client’s nutritional needs are met. The rotating meal of the day allows for customers to enjoy a variety of meals made with the same flair and flavor as their old favorites. From their chicken and French toast meal to their Cajun lobster mac n’ cheese, you are guaranteed to find a gastric delight that will please your palette.

Nexus Brewery and Smokehouse – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nexus Brewery and Smokehouse - Albuquerque, New Mexico.jpg

Black people love Mexican food as much as the next person. This black-owned restaurant takes the best of soul food and Mexican food to create a whole new genre of flavor. They take many of the soul food favorites from black culture and add a Mexican twist such as with New Mexico hot chicken. If you are in Albuquerque and have a hankering for something soul and something southern, make a pit stop at the Nexus Brewery and Smokehouse to see what’s on the menu for the day.

A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen-Columbia, South Carolina

A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen-Columbia, South Carolina.jpg

With more people looking to focus on their health, it can often be hard to find vegan food that offers a full-bodied taste. This black-owned restaurant is not only vegan, it offers the traditional soul food taste without meat. The menu changes seasonally and sometimes daily depending on what fresh items are available in the market, but there are always delicious flavors on offer. From loaded fries and chili cheese veggie dogs to soy-based beef & broccoli plates and friend soy-chicken sliders, you are sure to find something that hits the spot just right. The prices are affordable enough that you can take the whole family without breaking the bank.

G’s Jamaican Quisine – Kansas City, Missouri

G's Jamaican Quisine - Kansas City, Missouri.jpeg

For those looking for authentic Jamaican food that is also provided by black owners, G’s Jamaican Quisine is sure to hit the spot. There are not very many restaurants outside of Jamaica itself that are able to recreate the sensuously rich flavors they offer on each plate. The atmosphere is welcoming and rich with culture, and the staff is always smiling no matter what the weather happens to be like outside. Try the red beans and rice or the jerk chicken with a side of cabbage to ease your itch for Caribbean spices the next time you are in Kansas City.

Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar- Upper West Side, New York

Sugar Bar.jpeg

You may know the amazing singing duo Asford and Simpson for their artistic talents, but they also are artists of the kitchen. They have been creating supposed savories and decadent sweets in New York for almost 20 years. The atmosphere is upper class with live music, idyllic outdoor seating, and a menu full of culinary delights that are sure to stick in your memory for years to come. They offer everything from crispy fried chicken to buttery New Zealand lamb chops filled with flavor and style you won’t get anywhere else. They also have a diverse range of vegetarian and vegan options to accommodate plant-loving foodies.

Black Nile – Crown Heights

Black Nile - Crown Heights.jpg

Soul food and seafood are staples in black culture, but when you only eat Halal meat, your options are often limited. Black Nile is a black-owned restaurant that fills the gap in the market for richly flavored ethnic food that is also religiously acceptable. All of the poultry and meat served are certified Halal so Muslim brothers and sisters can dine in ease. The restaurant, of course, is open for all and offers a range of soul food dishes ranging from authentic crab cornbread to cheese greats and more. You can customize your orders to fit your taste or your spice tolerance levels with ease.

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