No one knows how to celebrate Spooktober like the actors who power the industry that brings horror to our living rooms year-round. Film is our window into horror and these celebrities are our window into the Halloween fashion that defines it.

But not all celebrity Halloween looks have been made equal. Here are some of our favorites of all time.

Barbie and Ken – Beyonce and Jay-Z

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Beyonce and Jay-Z wrapped up in a couple of gigantic cardboard boxes to play Barbie and Ken (specifically “Black Barbie” and Black Collector Edition Ken,” as the boxes described). Beyonce went for a classic 60s swimsuit look complete with housewife sunglasses straight out of the mid-century and Jay-Z went full bowtie and cumberbund for his Ken impression.

Blue Ivy joined the fun as a baby Barbie to complete the ensemble.

Poison Ivy – Bella Hadid

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Bella Hadid made herself irresistible as the floral temptress from the Batman comics, Poison Ivy. Specifically, she did a rendition inspired by the film, Batman & Robin, where the vegetative vixen was played by Uma Thurman.

She should wear those eyebrows every day!

Scarlet Witch – Cardi B

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Source: Dailymail

With WandaVision splashing across people’s Disney+ accounts in late 2020, the Marvel character Scarlet Witch is more popular than ever. So the costume by actor and rapper Cardi B. from November 1, 2020 is retroactively even cooler than it was before!

When asked why it didn’t come until November, Cardi B. said she was too tired. At least it was worth the wait! The telekinetic hand blasts is a nice touch.

Vampiress – Demi Lovato

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Source: Instagram

Demi Lovato went full-on sexy vampiress for Halloween last year, complete with blood-drenched fangs and what appears to be tears of blood. The custom eyebrows gave her that classy menacing look while the revealing outfit drew everyone’s stares a little more … downward.

Most impressive of all is that she did the makeup job herself! “Face beat by me,” as she put it.

Cardi B. – Ciara

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Source: Instagram

Ciara celebrated Halloween 2019 as Cardi B., specifically the version of her from the cover of her Invasion of Privacy album. The hair, plum lips, and even the suit seem to be matched perfectly. She even recruited her son, Future Wilburn, to be her pint-sized Offset to complete the picture.

King Cobra – Kylie Jenner

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Source: Instagram

While the majority of Halloween costumes are references to Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars franchises, Kylie Jenner played with creature couture to create this impression of a King Cobra using a snakeskin-print top and gorgeous headdress. The scale stenciling on her cheekbones just sent it over the top.

Ashitaka and San – Barbara Palvin and Cole Sprouse

Heidi Klum's 20th Annual Halloween Party

Source: Wave Malta

From the Miyazaki masterclass, Princess Mononoke, comes this costume set shown off at Heidi Klum Halloween by Barbara Palvin and Cole Sprouse. They played the arrow-wielding mythic hero and forest-dwelling feral princess of the story. Kudos to the less well-known costume concept.

The Devil – Kiernan Shipka

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Source: Instagram

Kiernan Shipka, who was amazing in The Blackcoat’s Daughter (go and watch it right now), looked adorably frazzled in a quaint devil cape and inverted horn tiara. So why is it on our list? She’s actually playing her dad from his role on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. And we think that’s just adorable.

Katy Perry as a Burger – Ryan Seacrest

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Source: Instagram

“You Need to Calm Down” had a lot of memorable moments, not least of which was Katy Perry as a giant hamburger. Ryan Seacrest dressed as Katy Perry dressed as a burger for #LIVEHalloween. Kelly Ripa joined him as his side of fries.

The Takeaway

The whole world seems a little looser around Halloween. Celebrities dress up as themselves, each other, and even giant burgers to make the spooky season a little more fun for everyone. We can’t wait to see what they come up with this year!

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