As more women enter the field of entrepreneurship it is important to pay attention to who is leading the shift. Women of color, especially Black women account for as much as 50% of new businesses in every field. According to a recent report by American Express, women-owned businesses are growing twice as fast as any other in the US alone. As we dive headfirst into Women’s History Month, we want to specifically highlight technology companies owned and run by Black women.

Plum Perfect – Asmau Ahmed

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Asmau Ahmed has accomplished a lot in her time in the field of tech. She has produced an impressive number of digital products that are widely adopted. She also has led corporate strategy teams in various industries including finance. As a Columbia graduate, she went on to launch Plum Perfect which is an application that is used to help women of color find cosmetics that match their skin. She has been named one of the Top Women in the digital field among other notable mentions.

Black Girls Code – Kimberly Bryant

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There is no technology without innovation. The best way to inspire innovation is by starting with our youth. Kimberly Bryant set out to diversify and increase the number of people of color in the STEM field. To this end, she created Black Girls Code which is a program that brings younger females of color into the world of programming. By offering a place to learn, skill-building tools, and opportunities for growth, she has enabled a whole new generation of FPOC to cultivate STEM professions.

Uncharted Power – Jessica Matthews

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This company was founded in 2011 under the umbrella of smart technology. The goal was to work in the creation, storage, and transmission of energy in lower-income areas. While there are many prominent Black personalities that have joined the project, Jessica Mathews remains the driving force behind the company. Since its creation, they have raised more than $13 million in benefits funds to serve underprivileged communities.

Everblume, LLC – Aja Atwood

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Everblume is an agricultural-tech startup that is focused on bringing freshly grown products to those at home. It is intended to help people grow healthy food, plants, and herbs including superfoods at home. They have an App and an automated grow box that comes with detailed instructions. Ataweood is passionate about healthy living and as a Black woman, she chose to share her passion with the community.

Wyzerr – Natasia Malaihollo

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Feedback from customers and consumer analytics are what drive the business world. without this valuable information, companies won’t be able to serve their customer base effectively. Natasia Malaihollo founded Wyzerr which gammifies customer information, feedback, and of course consumer reporting. She has some of the biggest names in the field as clients such as FaceBook, Unilever, Google, Kroger, Wal-Mart, and many more. She offers enterprise solutions to big businesses in addition to providing modern market research from consumers at the point of sale. She has been named in Smithsonian Magazine in addition to securing several awards for her innovations in the tech field. The company has since been purchased and integrated into PopCom. 

Goodr – Jasmine Crowe

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While you may think about computers and phones when you hear the word tech, the actual field is quite diverse. Jasmine Crowe created a logistics company and program called Goodr. Her company combines sustainability with technological innovation to help those in need. They work to reduce the number of communities that are facing food insecurity by pairing them with companies that have viable food going to waste. More than 72 billion pounds of food are added as waste each year solely due to logistics and analytics shortfalls. Goodr bridges the gap and has helped to generate nourishing meals for more than 42 million needy people.

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