December 17, 2021

4 Black-Owned Hotels & Resorts You Should Know About

Cody Blanc
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The hospitality industry has seen a lot of change over the last decade. Particularly with the pandemic, a lot of hotels closed down, restructured, or changed ownership. As a result, accommodations have become one of the more stressful parts of planning a trip. But one positive change to come out of the industry is that the number of black-owned accommodations is growing every year! Black-owned lodging can offer members of the black community the feelings of inclusion and acceptance that we, unfortunately, sometimes still don’t have while traveling and staying at chain hotels or predominantly white lodging. If you’re looking to support black business owners while you’re traveling, consider staying at one of these stunning black-owned hotels and resorts.

1) The Ivy Hotel: Baltimore, MD

Meta: Room Fifteen at the Ivy Hotel.
Source: The Ivy Hotel

The Ivy Hotel is a beautiful, romantic property in the heart of downtown. Aptly named ‘Baltimore’s hidden gem,’ the Ivy is inconspicuous from the outside, but the inside boasts 18 beautifully decorated rooms and suites, a spa, and a French-English bistro. Rooms at this luxury site start at around $600 per night.

2) Salamander Resort & Spa: Middleburg, VA 

Meta: The Salamander Resort & Spa

Sheila Crump Johnson, the co-founder of BET, owns the Salamander, a sprawling estate with a ton of amenities like yoga classes, two pools, tennis courts, zip-lining, horseback riding, hiking, and even childcare options for traveling families. The Salamander is the only black-owned 5-star resort in the United States, so if you’re looking to seriously splurge while you support the community, you’ll want to check this one out. Rooms at the Salamander go for about $700 a night, but the price gets you all the luxury you can handle.

3) Oak Bluffs Inn: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Meta: Oak Bluffs Inn.
Source: HotelBoard

Rhonda and Erik Albert are the innkeepers behind Oak Bluffs, and if there’s one common thing you’ll hear about them, it’s that they make their guests feel like they’re home and they treat you like family. Oak Bluffs Inn is within walking distance from the beach and from downtown, so travelers have access to everything they could need for a fun, relaxing vacation. 

4) Urban Cowboy: Nashville, TN

Meta: The Urban Cowboys B&B, Nashville location.
Source: AFAR Magazine

Do you want a blend of southern charm and metropolitan attitude when you’re visiting the country music capital? The Urban Cowboy bed and breakfast will give you just that. The décor is gorgeous with no two rooms being exactly alike. This spot is great for adult travelers, but no kids are allowed — you must be 21 or older to stay at the Urban Cowboy. Rates range from about $300 – $600 per night.
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