This year things are only just starting to get back to normal when it comes to family gatherings and holidays with friends. Although the pandemic has put a hamper on our shopping habits, there is no reason not to pick up something unique for those in our more intimate circles this year. The idea of heading out to the store may still trigger anxiety, thankfully, online shopping is easier than ever and most retailers even have easy exchange and return options just like you would find in a brick and mortar location.

Here at The Narrative Matters, we understand exactly how important it is for POC & BIPOC communities to get back to normal. To help with this effort, we have put together an easy-to-use gifting guide for POC friends and family on your list. All of our suggestions can be purchased online and the majority, if not all of the companies in our guide are owned or operated by those in the POC community. Whether you are gifting from afar or planning to host an event, these POC gift ideas are sure to bring some much-needed cheer to those you love.

POC Gifts For Everyone

Latinx With Plants 


Inspired by the work of Black With Plants, Latinx With Plants offers a range of merchandise and actual plants that will help bring nature indoors. Plants have the ability to brighten the mood, transform a room, and create a nurturing atmosphere wherever they are placed. For those who are not sure what to get their loved one, a Latinx With Plants gift card or a few plants from their store is a great place to start. 

Frolic and Sage

Frolic and  Sage.jpg

When it comes to holiday gift-giving, you can never go wrong with giving scent-based products. Frolic and Sage offers a diverse line of scented candles that will spread good vibes in every corner of the home or office. All of the candles are handcrafted with love to bring character to each scent that you won’t soon forget. Get your message across with a bit of humor and fun this holiday season.

This Vinovore Host/ess Boxes


Nothing brings people together during the holidays more than great food paired with fine wine. For the host or hostess on your list, consider gracing their table with a Vinovore gift box this year. There are many options to select from that include a bottle of wine made by the women winemakers and a selection of accompanying goodies. They have boxes for cat lovers, those geared to self-love, erotic couples-themed boxes, foodie boxes, and many more!

POC Gifts For Him

Nimble Made

Nimble Made.jpg

With so many people working from home, it makes sense that a wardrobe update to match the new normal will make an extraordinary gift. Dressing for Zoom or Skype meetings is decidedly different than getting dressed for a full day at the office. Nimble Made is perfect for Asian POC men and they ship worldwide. Ditch the loose-fitting dress shirts and find office wear that fits more diminutive statures so you can easily stand out during your Zoom calls.

Progress Brewing

Progress Beer of the Month Club.jpeg

Does the man in your life love a nice cold brew at the end of a long day? If so, this beer of the month club subscription is the perfect gift that will bear fruit all year long. Each monthly delivery comes with 10 cans of beer in different flavors each month. The subscription also comes with brand-specific merchandise and a goblet to drink from. Depending on where you live pick up is available, or you can have the monthly pints delivered to your door.

Gifts For Her


Active Wear.jpg

The pandemic has everyone seeking ways to drop a few pounds, so this holiday season why not make that journey as comfortable as possible. Titika offers a wide range of activewear with a luxury touch that the POC woman in your life can wear while they get active, run errands, or even while working out. The company is run by women, and they are all POC making this an excellent way to gift the woman in your life while also supporting a minority community.

Mallory With the Flowers 

Mallory With the Flowers.jpg

Flowers are an extravagant way to bring a smile to the woman in your life all year long. Mallory With the Flowers offers a subscription that you can give as a gift to anyone on your list. The subscription provides fresh flower arrangements in three different size options They will be delivered either weekly, every other week, or once a month depending on your preferences. If you are seeking a unique gift that will keep on giving, this flower sub is worth your consideration.

Bringing Hearts and Minds Together This Holiday Season

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