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I was at the book store trying to find a book, while my client settled in at his podiatrist to get his kickers looked at. I was perusing through a lot of interesting titles and stumbled upon a 2020 copy of Tomboy.

Tomboy: The Surprising History and future of girls who dare to be different. Tomboy is a thought provoking story by author Lisa Selin Davis, who inspiration to writing this book, comes from her 6-year-old daughter calling herself a ‘tomboy’.

In Tomboy, Davis explores the evolution of tomboyism from Victorian ideals to a twenty-first century fashion statement, honoring the girls and women-and those who identify otherwise-who stomps All over archaic gender norm.

In the book it seems like a fun way to look at why some girls chose to wear boys or masculine attire. In my mind, they just don’t feel comfortable in their own clothes, and/or they just want to be recognized as someone they are truly not.

Whether you are a lesbian, or simply just an old fashion girl with masculine tendencies. This book is for you and it will get you through all the negative stereotypes that some women face every day.

Lisa Selin Davis in my opinion is a master for telling an age old story, starting from her own daughter’s chosen path. So, I don’t want to spoil a great read, go check it out and enjoy your fall reading.

Tomboy is $28.00 in the US, and $35 in Canada; published by Hachette Publishing of New York, New York, 2020.

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There seems to be a lot of transitioning these days. I am not sure if Ru Paul from The Drag Races’ fame is the cause. Or maybe the former Olympic great Bruce Jenner’s Caitlyn is the reason for so many men wanting to take the step.

However, more than ever, men are willing to come out and decide to become women. An old movie I watched years ago, with Al Pacino character Sonny (Dog Day Afternoon) robbing a bank, so he can raise money for his lover’s sex realignment surgery, could have sparked the interest.

I am just not sure, because that movie was in the 70’s, and I don’t know if it had anything to do with changes of the 21st century. Or maybe it does, you just have to ask the men or women who are in that phase of transitioning.

In the book My Sister, it tells the story of how one sibling’s transition changed them both. A book by Selenis Leyva and Marizol Leyva, published by Bold Type Books of New York, 2020.

Actress Selenis Leyva, the star of Orange is the New Black and Diary of a Future President, co-wrote this book with her adopted brother, who is now her sister Marizol Leyva.

My Sister tells the story of how Marizol, as a little boy struggled with identity. The two pro-founding narratives and insights on how abuse, violence and discrimination of transgender people of color is experienced daily.

I do recommend picking this book up now, if you are one that do not understand what these people have to go through to get where there are. It is not easy for them, as it is hard for you to grasp their choice of life.

There you have it people, this is what gay people are reading and I think you should pick it up as well.

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