Fraternities and sororities are rapidly becoming the hot topics within the social media network, from community involvement and commitments to causes that they feel are important for change.

Just last week on Facebook a photo was circulating around several social groups, featuring a fraternity leader decked out in a pink suit with heels. So, now the narratives going around is to question whether this is environmentally accepted in what is supposed to be a straight order.

I had the opportunity to talk to another place that fraternities belong, and this place may not be getting too many blessings. However, gay fraternities are here and they are making people take notice of their power. Before today, I didn’t know such fraternities existed until I met one of the members.

His name is DQuann Knight and he is the Vice Chancellor of Theta Pi Upsilon Fraternity Inc. They are a Greek-lettered organization created by gay men of color for gay men of color. He is 27 years old and based in St. Louis, MO, and is known in the Greek world as Asclepius, the God of Healing.

So, sit back and let’s see what is going on with gay fraternities in St. Louis, as part on an ongoing series of stories reflecting the ever-changing world of sexual orientation.

Hello, how are you today? I am so happy to be speaking with you.

DQuann:  Hello, I’m doing fantastic, thank you so much. I am so honored to be here.

Tell us more about your decision to start a gay fraternity?

DQuann:  Well, I am not the founder of my organization, but I am on the founding line. The organization’s founder, Marcus Miller, saw a need in a community that was being pushed to the side or having to hide a side of themselves to “fit in”.

Interesting, so how long have you been involved with this organization?

DQuann:  I’ve been a part of this organization for two years. I crossed in the Summer of 2019.

What school are you connected with?

DQuann:  We are actually not based off of a school campus. We are socially based so anyone in the MSM of color community can apply to join. 

St. Louis is truly not a popular gay metropolis. Was it hard to get people involved? 

DQuann: That is a very true statement. It only seems hard because it is something new and unfamiliar, but as we recruit and get our name out there, we received a lot of inquiries.

Counting St. Louis, how many members are in this fraternity?

DQuann:  We are at a strong four members, but that’s due to change very soon as we are now in our recruiting season.

Do you all have any causes within the community that you are involved in?

DQuann:  We are involved with a few things. We are involved with Red Tides, which is our sexual health initiative, Chaos in Action, which focuses on mental health, and we have a scholastics award called E. Lynn Harris Scholarship.

Man, that is so wonderful for the local gay community. Tell me about you, and how do make time for yourself?

DQuann:  Well, I am a St. Louis native and I do a lot of the things within the fraternity. I also enjoy life outside of it, as well. I also love to travel.

When was the last time you had an event with your order?

DQuann:  Our last event as a fraternity was our street clean up within our community, but we have several up and coming events like our movie night on May 24th.

Do you travel to raise awareness about being gay and part of a fraternity?

DQuann:  That isn’t always why we travel, but when we do travel we make sure we are in our paraphernalia and make ourselves available to answer any questions someone has.

Being gay is not easy at times, but is there a certain standard you require from your organization?

DQuann:  Not per se a standard because we are about continuous growth as an individual, as a brother, and as a community, but there are certain responsibilities within the community and as an individual that we hold our aspiring and current members to. 

Thanks for your time. Do you have any websites that we can follow up on?

It was my pleasure, thank you for allowing me this opportunity. It is very much appreciated! Yes, we are on Facebook as Theta Pi Upsilon, and Instagram as Theta Pi Upsilon Fraternity Inc. Also, our website is, and if you click our ‘join us’ tab you can also send us an email, or email us directly at