I am so excited to be part of this hot magazine, The Narrative Matters, and for my first article I would like to introduce to you a great, promising talent, ILL Bleed from Illinois, who is part of the growing list of acts in the St. Louis market, who are making moves post-pandemic.

The Covid-19 era may still be amongst us, but now that we know that we are better prepared to fight it, we still must not lose focus on who we are or what is going on around us.

I wanted to get in touch with some local and out-of-town talents, and see how things are moving as we go forward. I need to find how has the pandemic motivated some of the guys to stay strong and keep the music alive.

How are you, sir?

ILL Bleed: I am doing fine and how are you doing?

I am positively great; tell me about your new tour.

ILL Bleed: I recently signed a management deal with Supaunit/Savage Life. The music is going good, and it’s a lot of hard work but I’m very excited going in different cities. It’s a great feeling to be here at this point in my life, after how the pandemic consumed us.

So, I am excited that you will be headlining our ReMix Awards Show. How does it feel to be receiving the Pioneer Talent of the Year honor?

ILL Bleed: It’s an honor, sir. Finally I am getting recognition in this local music business that I deserve. I promise to keep bringing that Midwest sound to all my fans and the news fans I will meet in the future.

How is your tour affecting your family life at home?

ILL Bleed: Good question. My family misses me every time I catch a flight, but we pray and ask God to keep us strong and together. I miss my family a lot when I’m out on “Everybody Ain’t Savage Tour,” I cannot lie, man. I have several tours, Trill Talk Tour and the UGK Tour, as well; then I have a tour out in Cali with my TBESE label. I am telling you, I am starting to feel the heat, but I am working.

Where is the next stop on your tour?

ILL Bleed: My next stop is in Dallas, and then we have many more to come.

Since the pandemic, has anything changed in the way your present your music?

ILL Bleed: Actually, the pandemic really motivated me, and me and my engineers got new music made all ready to go. I needed that distraction to stay focused within this game.

Tell me about the talents you are touring with.

ILL Bleed: We have a single that’s dropping named ‘TRILLTALK’ with ten artists on one song from all over this great country of ours. We all have become brothers and sisters in unity.

You are from Illinois, but you are considered a St. Louis talent? Do you get much love in your city?

No, I don’t get that much love in my city. I get a little but not a lot like I would hope for.

Thanks for your time. Do you have anything else to say to anyone who is trying to rebound from this pandemic?

ILL Bleed: First of all, thanks to you for all that you do. Shout out to SUPAUNIT/Savage Life/TBSE. I want any talent out there to believe in their dreams no matter what is going on in this mad world, and continue to be a blessing to someone who have lost focus on the music business.

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