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Mobile phones are everywhere. In fact, according to data from Pew Research, 97% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind, with 85% using a ‘smartphone.’ Interestingly, the device that launched the smartphone revolution – the iPhone – was first introduced a mere 14 years ago. 

Mobile Phone Challenges: High Cost

While new enhancements and features continue to be introduced, one of the biggest challenges facing many households has been the high cost of separate phone lines and devices for each member of the family. This is particularly frustrating in homes where multiple users are demanding to be ‘mobile’ at the same time. 

The pricing roadblock has recently changed, however, as Comcast introduced an entirely new way to bring wireless technology for each member of the family at the lowest price yet.  

Xfinity Mobile customers can now get updated pricing for Unlimited data with 5G included for as low as $30 a line for four Unlimited lines – providing even more value to new and existing customers. 

Xfinity Mobile customers already get the best price for one line of Unlimited data with 5G, starting at $45 per month, and now, the more lines of Unlimited customers add, the more value they get.

As more families are working and learning on the go, the new unlimited pricing options from Xfinity Mobile allow them to stay connected at affordable prices, with the flexibility to mix and match shared and unlimited data options all on one plan.

 Demand for Unlimited data from Xfinity Mobile customers has steadily increased since 2017, with 85% of customers now preferring an Unlimited data option vs. 55% when the service was first launched.

How Xfinity Can Make Plans More Affordable

Xfinity Mobile was introduced in 2017 as a cost-effective option for existing Xfinity Internet customers who wanted a more affordable and flexible choice for their mobile service. Since its rollout, the company has gained more than 3 million Xfinity Mobile subscribers, earning a #1 rating from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index. 

Despite initial skepticism, expanding mobile phone choices from new entrants has been a win-win situation for all. Service providers like Comcast have the opportunity to ‘bundle’ mobile phone service into their other product lines, offering a true money-saving value for customers and an expanding base of loyal, long-term subscribers for the company. 

For more information about Xfinity Mobile, visit https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/

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