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I always enjoy checking up on the many talents that I am associated with. And of course my boy Jeffrey Bo Dean is one of them. When I had learned that he had contacted Covid-19, and was in recovery, I got very upset.

However, I am so glad that this wonderful young man, who is a great educator in St Louis, whose extraordinary talent is embraced all over social media, is doing fine. If he isn’t in the classroom teaching his students the new skills of life. You may find him in the studio recording songs and films.

In 2018, he received the coveted St Louis longest running urban ReMix Award for best song, and he has not looked back. I was excited once he was well, back at school, and was able to spend time with me for this interview. So, sit back and check out my main man Bo Dean of St Louis, MO.

In the classroom Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Bo Dean

Hello sir, it is always great to chop it up with you my man. I understand you just went through the rinse cycle with Covid-19? How are you feeling?

Bo: Thanks for having me and always supporting my brand. Yes, unfortunately, I did. I am doing much better now. I am about 90% back to my normal self.

School is back in session, how are you coping with the situation at hand?

Bo: Now, that I am Covid-free, I am fine with being back around people. I have always masked up. I do use a lot more hand sanitizer now since I caught covid-19. 

Will you be discussing your battle with the students?

Bo: Yea I did. Surprisingly, a handful of them had Covid-19 this year, so it was cool hearing their experiences as well. Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age, race or gender.

Tell me, how long have you been in education?

Bo: 8 years.

What is going on with your music? Where can we find it?

Bo: Music is going great. During 2020, I knocked out about 5 projects. The shutdown kept me very productive. So I’ve been releasing the new music over the year strategically. You can type in “Bo Dean” on any digital streaming platform and I’ll pop up on

You have merchandise as well to sell, how is that going?

Bo: The merchandise is going good as well, just revamping my FroNation Apparel brand this fall. Stay tuned. 

Man, you are so prolific in with all that you do; what challenges have you faced during this pandemic? (Apart from catching the virus)

Bo: Thank you bro, all I did was work on my crafts. Like I said earlier, I’d worked on music heavily. Revamping my merchandise and continuously doing my podcast as well. I stayed very productive. It was the best time for creatives to be creative. 

Are you now considering getting the vaccine?

Bo: Honestly, at the moment, no. I thought about it though. But if there are other variants around that are immune to the vaccine, it’s kind of pointless. But that’s just my opinion. Covid-19 is no joke. If you feel that Vax will protect you from it by all means please get it. 

Oh, I almost forgot, you have a podcast, how is that going? I need to come on soon for an interview? (lol)

Bo: It’s going great bro and yes you definitely do. We will get that set up soon.

You are also into martial arts, tell me what made that start kicking for you?

Bo: I’ve always been a fan of Martial arts. I wished I would’ve stuck with it when I was a kid. But I love it though. I’ll be doing it forever. I have a long ways to go, but I’m getting there.

Are you ever thinking about acting and modeling?

I am I would love to do more of it on a professional level. I’m definitely working on that.

Yes sir, modeling is on the agenda. Photo is courtesy of Jeffrey Bo Dean

How is your family, are they supportive of your work?

Family is fine. They are always backing me on what I do. Love them much for that. 

Thanks for your time and have fun with the kids this school year.

Bo: Thanks for having me, brother.

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