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There has been much talk about cannabis that I can remember, since 2018. From a company we were affiliated with M4MM boot camps, and meetings (Minorities for Medical Marijuana) and the push for Medical marijuana in Missouri and Illinois.

But now it seems that the small mom and pop’s businesses can’t seem to catch up with proper funding or licensing to get in the game. I was reading Forbes magazine and noticed how these billionaires are stepping in and claiming a stake.

Hip hop mogul, Jay-Z is one of the 8 billionaires mentioned in their article, all that are part of either starting a weed company, agitating for legalization or lighting up on a livestream.

Jay-Z is doing it big with his high-end marijuana brand, Monogram, which sells $50 premium hand-rolled joints. A bit pricey for your everyday bit player street hustler.

However, I am sure he has the clientele that is willing to cough up the blow. You can also invest in the company just by clicking here.

A little about Jay-Z and his cannabis company Monogram. Monogram marks a new chapter in cannabis defined by dignity, care and consistency.

They believe in delivering you the best and staying humble doing it.They have light, medium and heavy brands to suit your need.

And like I said before it is high end and very expensive. As quoted in Rolling Stone magazine, Jay-Z and his cannabis company, Monogram, say marijuana laws are outdated and have launched a new campaign and digital series to draw attention to the “hypocrisy” of current regulations governing cannabis throughout the United States.

Another billionaire in mind, Beau Wrigley of my favorite chewing gum enterprise. He is CEO of Parallel, a pot company that is going public via SPAC at a 1.8 billion valuation.

So, with all of this being noted, and not to take over the article.Why are most of 6 other billionaires getting their hands dirty in cannabis?

Like Jay-Z, they know this is a sure money game. They also I see marijuana legalization as the beginning of the end of the federal war on drugs.

Take billionaire Charles Koch of Koch Industries, he is quoted in Forbes saying that he is putting his money and name behind making cannabis legal nationwide. He want to influence criminal justice reform and legalization.

According to a recent report, African-Americans make up an confounding 94% of the arrests that are being made for marijuana related cases. Which is the reason why some big names are stepping up to become the face of cannabis.

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