Home decor and interior design is a wide field that covers a diverse range of styles. If you are looking for inspiration for your home, or if you are interested in hiring a designer, there is a sea of choices from which to choose. When thinking about interior design it is always a good idea to choose a designer who understands your culture, aesthetic desires, and also one that is on top of current trends.

If you are looking for design ideas or just want to stay on top of emerging trends, we have a list of some of the best Black interior designers that you should be following. Not only will following these Black interior designers bring diversity to your home decor, but it also helps to support the culture. From creative textures and ethic patterns to bold colors to earthy blends, modern trends, and more, we are sure that you will find design inspiration on this list that matches your personal aesthetic.

Kesha Franklin

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This amazing black interior designer opened Halden Interiors in New York in 2018. She taught herself the trade and has been able to design spaces for big names such as Colin Kaepernick. She works on both hospitality interior designs and residential interior designs with equal flair. If you are looking for a modern style that speaks to luxury, then you will love her visions.

Shavonda Gardner

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If you love bright colors, interesting patterns, and unique textures, then you will love the style that Shavonda Gardner brings to the table. Not only does she offer interior design services, but she also teaches everyone how to transform smaller spaces into their big dreams. She loves to take her bold style into small spaces and vintage houses to create a heartwarming home that you will love to live in.

Leyden Lewis

Image Source: Curbed.com

Leyden Lewis Design Studio came to fruition back in 2000. Located in Brooklyn, Leyden Lewis specializes in high-end designs and luxury living all over the East coast. You can find his work in Palm Beach, Manhattan, Washington DC, and many other places. Think along the lines of clean modern lines and high-quality accompaniments paired with soothing colors that will relax your soul.

Carmeon Hamilton

Image Source: https://houseandhome.com/gallery/carmeon-hamilton-bold-bedroom/

There is more to interior design than simply picking colors and furniture. Carmeon Hamilton walks you through the whole process as she styles homes under her brand Nubi Interiors. Based in Memphis, this black interior designer captures the beauty of modern styles that have a bohemian flair. In addition to creating unique spaces, she works with people to help them transform items they already own, or that exists around them to create living spaces that are as useful as they are beautiful.

Tiffany Brooks

Image Source: https://www.tiffanybrooksinteriors.com/

Tiffany Brooks Interiors is based in Chicago and was founded in 2007. This firm focuses on residential interior design with families in mind. With a touch of classic homeliness and a whole lot of modern touches, Tiffany Brooks brings people’s ideas to life while creating unique spaces that the whole family will love. Tiffany Brooks also competed on HGTV’s Design Star in 2013 and won thanks to her innovative interior design ideas.

Mikel Welch

Image Source: MikelWelch.com

For those who love bold looks and out loud interiors, then you will love celebrity interior designer Mikel Welch. He has served some of the biggest names around including Michelle Obama and Halle Berry among others. He started his passion as a child which he has transformed into his livelihood as an adult. Aside from interior design for A-listers, he also teaches the rest of us how to get luxury looks for less. You can hire him for your own space or follow him for tips that you can implement on your own.

Rayman Boozer

Image Source: https://aspiremetro.com/designer-friday-rayman-boozer/

If you love color then Apartment 48 Interiors is just the design firm you need to transform your space into an aesthetic delight. Founded in 1994 and based in New York, Rayman Boozer transformed his Chelsea-based furnishing store into a design destination for those in the know. You can find many of his works in top magazines such as Vogue and online as well. Whether you are in the mood for deep blue textured walls or sleek greens with a vintage slant, Rayman Boozer can do it all.

Dayna Isom Johnson

Image Source: https://www.southernbride.com/

Dayna Isom Johnson is an expert at predicting new interior design trends for the home long before things become mainstream. She is based at Etsy and regularly posts forecast on hot home decor topics and items that will keep you in style all year long. She happens to also judge a crafting show on NBC, which makes sense with her eye for aesthetics and visual appeal. If you are looking for a great black designer to follow that will help your home stay the envy of all your friends, check out Dayna Isom Johnson today.

Nicole Gibbons

Image Source: NicoleGibbons.com

Sometimes all you need is a little pop of color to transform the mood of your home. Nicole Gibbons knows just how to use splashes of color to uplift dull areas and stimulate happiness and wellness in the home. She offers a mix of contemporary, modern, and sophisticated charm in her design style which will allow you to create a unique space that reflects your personality. Using texture, color, and patterns to enliven the senses is showcased on the show Home Made Simple, which has won an Emmy.

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