May 31, 2021

Breaking the fast

Bryan Anton Hines
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When you first wake up from that comfortable resting place, you may hear the wonderful sounds of the sparrows outside the windowsill as the sunshine peaks throughout the sky behind the fluffy clouds; floating like boats on a cool, pleasant, slow-blowing windy morning. 

You find yourself feeling empty and maybe a bit hungry. This is due to the fact that you were fasting while asleep. Now your brain, along with your body, is in need of nourishment. The most important part of the day is “breaking the fast.” You and I know it as “breakfast.”

Taking in a nutritious breakfast is the best, healthy meal to get you started right on your day. By doing so, you are giving your body the fuel that it needs, and the energy to simply take off.  Think of yourself as being like the vehicle you drive. If there isn’t any fuel in it, you can’t move it and take off fast in it, so you have to gas it up.

The same goes for our bodies. We have to add some type of nutrients in order to get the engine running. If you have no fuel, your energy levels will become low, and you then will show signs of being fatigued. Your body sugar will also begin to drop, so make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast and break the fast in a healthy way. 

Psalms 136:25: He provides for food for all living things. His faithful love will last forever. 

Job 12:11: but just as the tongue tastes good, the ears test the words they hear.

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