Mental health is an investment like physical health. Your daily activities affect your overall self-care. In the case of your mental health, this care determines how you view your life and what you take from it. For physical health, your care helps you face daily challenges and live a long life free of pain, excess weight, and stress.

These simple tips can help you improve your mental and physical health so that you can live as long and as happily as possible.

Get off the junk food

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Overprocessed food is a major culprit of health issues in the Western world. Don’t rely on refined grains, added sugars, fast food, frozen meals, and other sources of nutrient-deficient food. Instead, shop fresh as much as you can (it’s often cheaper!), snack on healthy foods like nuts and fruits, and don’t let yourself go hungry. Instead, get full on healthy snacks.

Don’t drink sugar

This may be the best diet tip we can give you. Americans drink sugar in their soda, coffee, and tea and drive themselves down the road to obesity and diabetes quicker this way than any other. Even fruit juices that contains artificial sugars are as bad as soda

… but get your coffee in

Having said that, coffee is great for you! Coffee lowers your risk for long-term diseases and contains antioxidants. Go easy on the sugar and caffeine content but don’t be afraid to get your daily coffee in.

Sleep well and often

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The right sleep schedule can help you regulate insulin, appetite, and mental performance as much as any diet can. Poor sleep, defined as fewer than 7 or more than 9 hours a day, can mess up your rhythms and lead to issues. Healthy sleep can set everything right.

Talk about your emotions

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Many people (especially men) believe that they have to keep everything bottled up. However, not talking about your feelings when you feel troubled can lead to stress, muscle tension, weight gain, poor sleep, and all kinds of issues. Give your loved ones time to vent their feelings. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, consider visiting a counselor regularly to get things off your chest.

Take probiotics

Probiotics are the bacteria that live in your gut and control most of your immune system and digestive function. When your gut bacteria are out of whack, you become susceptible to problems ranging from obesity to autoimmune disorders. Eat yogurt, kefir, bone broth, and other sources of probiotics (especially if you’ve recently been on antibiotics) to get your processes flowing again.

Drink enough water

Water helps you regulate your metabolism, get nutrients to muscles, burn calories, and even reduce stress. Drinking water before meals has been proven to increase weight loss. Aim for half your body weight in ounces per day.

Move, move, move

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Exercise can seem intimidating but for most of us, all our bodies need is a little movement. A half-hour of walking per day can do wonders for your circulation, insulin resistance, and weight control. If you sit for a living, get up and stretch every hour.

The Takeaway

These simple tips can help you keep your mental and physical health in shape for the week, the year, and your whole future. The important thing is to keep a steady routine of good habits. In other words, you don’t have to give up junk food forever. You just have to make your long-term habits the healthy ones.

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