Back to School

Students are back and this year is officially in full gear. My husband and both of our sons switched schools, so my solo mornings are a thing of the past. Now, both boys ride to school with me, my youngest attends my school this year and my oldest catches the bus from there. I miss my quiet drives but will admit that the extra hands have been helpful in my time of need. In the mornings, the boys pull my walker out of the truck and wait patiently as I slowly make my way to the building. I’m so glad my morning duty for school is inside this year and requires minimal standing. Administration and some of the staff who make the schedule are aware of what I have been going through, and I am sure they considered it when making the schedule.

Since I’m trying to preserve my energy, I asked Langston to walk Preston to class for his first day of school.  I was sad that I didn’t walk him myself but happy that his big brother was able to. I could have used my walker, but I desired to only use it to get to and from my car and the school building. Once inside, I would push myself to walk to the restroom and once daily, to the cafeteria to say hello to my son since his class eats lunch right before mine does. Eventually, I plan to be able to walk to the front office again.

Physical Therapy

My sister called today to tell me she heard doctors in California and New York are treating their Covid Long-Hauler patients with physical therapy and having success. After our call, I emailed my primary doctor a link to a video about the therapy. During our next visit, she gave me a referral for physical therapy, and I started shortly afterward. Being that our schedule is already hectic I had to be strategic in my scheduling. I was fortunate to find a location just minutes away from Preston’s gym and I would schedule my sessions either one hour before or at the same time as his practice. This way, he would only be a few minutes late or a few minutes early. During my consultation, the therapist timed me standing and sitting in a chair for 2 minutes. The goal was to sit and stand as many times as possible without using my hands. Something that many do without a thought was such a struggle that it brought tears to my eyes. My balance was off, my legs were weak, and the constant of getting up and sitting down drained me very quickly. In two minutes, I managed less than five, and I needed water and a break. I remember the therapist telling me not to worry, that it would get better. That last exercise wrapped our session, and once I was able, I scheduled my next few sessions and left to take Preston to practice.

Are you Ready for Some Football?

If you know me, then you know how much I love watching my boys do what they love. Well, this season I have not been able to watch Langston play football in person because his games have been in the morning around the same time as Preston’s practices. So, this weekend I am especially happy because he finally has an afternoon game. Preston’s practice was canceled so I made an early appointment to get my oil changed and drove to the dealership since it was free.  After my morning field trip, I came home and braided Preston’s hair, and we were off to the game. I was like a kid in a candy store driving to the high school. Once there, I saw an old friend and stopped to catch up for a bit before heading to the stands. As we were chatting, what looked like the eighth-grade team walked by and I was informed those were the sixth graders our boys were about to play. Where are they growing these kids, I wondered…? I then said my goodbyes so I could make sure I was seated before kick-off.

It was early in Q1 and I could already see that we had some real talent on our team, but coaching would be the end of us. Everyone was already tense due to the unsaid rivalry between the two teams. The previous year they beat us in a game that became physical, and we came back and beat them in the Super Bowl. Although our boys were smaller, and our coaches were not making the best calls our players were holding their own. And then it happened… Langston was around the 25-yard line to receive the ball; he picks up the punt off the bounce and runs to the 50 when a defender hits him helmet to helmet and pushes him out of bounds. My heart dropped. He immediately jumped up after the hit, and I could breathe again. He started to run back onto the field, then immediately turned back towards the sideline because he was throwing up. He rushed to the trash can and worry wore me like a blanket. The team doctor checked him out and my husband ran down to check on him. He soon returned to the stands to confirm that Langston had a concussion and we needed to leave. I stood to gather my things and could hear a couple of the fathers telling us not to worry about our tent and chairs, just take care of Langston and they would take care of our things. As we headed for the bleacher stairs my legs felt very weak and my body extremely fatigued. I wanted my husband to leave me and go be with my son but needed him to help me get down the stairs. Of all the times for my body to betray me, this was not a good time. I needed to be strong for my son, but between my long morning drive and walk from the parking lot, my body had already done a full days’ worth of work and had not had enough time to recover. I slowly walked towards the parking lot leaning on the shoulders of my youngest, as my husband drove my truck to the gate and helped me inside.  This day was not turning out as I had hoped!

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