COVID in Black

Our Narrative Matters family would like to thank Areia Cobb for her inspirational writing as she shared her road to recovery from COVID-19 and how being a COVID-19 Long Hauler affected every aspect of her life; as a wife, mother of two active boys and a working professional.  Redemption is her final entry in this series.  It is our hope that these journal entries provided hope, inspiration and information as you or your loved one walked through the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Preparing for a holiday can take a toll on anyone, and although I had been feeling good, I didn’t want to overdo it. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to cook and clean so I wouldn’t get fatigued, because I'm not eating a Patti pie
I walked for two minutes in four different directions to build up my stamina. It was a struggle, but I kept my goals in mind and kept pushing. I had also extended my sessions from 45-minutes to an hour. My therapy sessions had always been scheduled for an hour, but my body had not been able to last that long.
I was determined to make this trip and be okay, so I added a wheelchair to my reservation because I didn’t want to take my walker. I know that maneuvering the Atlanta airport can be a lot for a healthy person so I would definitely get winded if I tried to walk through it.
The goal was to sit and stand as many times as possible without using my hands. Something that many do without a thought was such a struggle that it brought tears to my eyes. My balance was off, my legs were weak, and the constant of getting up and sitting down drained me very quickly.
Upon arrival, my new doctor was surprised as every other doctor has been to see a 43-year-old otherwise healthy woman coming in on a walker. This is what COVID has done to me.
I could hear the doctor's voice reminding me to breathe normally and telling me how great I was doing as I tried not to throw up and resisted snatching the tube from his hands.
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