How a Queen Came to BEY

On September 4th, 2021 is Beyonce's 40th Bday. Our team at The Narrative Matters wanted to celebrate this milestone and her importance to the culture! #HappyBdayBey

It’s BEY

The year was 2003 and all my girlfriends were going crazy over Destiny’s Child while I was more like, “Chile please!” I mean, they weren’t En Vogue! And the lead singer just seemed like a primadonna that daddy was building a group around. He was Ike, she was Tina and the other girls may as well have been back-up dancers.  At least that’s the spin I got from the media, and I wasn’t interested enough to find out whether or not it was true. Then it happened.  I was hanging with one of my girlfriends who has always had an ear for music, and she begged me to give Beyonce a chance.  She told me that knowing how much I love “real” music, she knew I’d love this performance.  She even went as far as to say, if I didn’t, she wouldn’t bother me about Beyonce ever again.  Sold! That alone would make it worth my 3-minutes. I sat on her couch as she inserted the VHS tape into her VCR and I had already made up my mind that after watching this recording, I’d be done listening to her rants about this annoying group. 

Title track of Bey’s solo debut, Dangerously In Love (LIVE)

She hit play and the performance was cued as-if she had been planning this all along.  The music started and the sweetest, most sultry tone followed. As the words continued to roll from her lips her emotions touched my soul through the television. Whose vocal prowess is this?  Surely this can’t be the little girl who sings with those other girls. There was nothing childlike about the way this performance tugged at my heart strings. Could I have been wrong all along? Hmmmm… I am a Taurus who admittingly holds true to the rumored stubbornness of my zodiac.  However, had I really allowed the media to taint my perception so much that I had been too stubborn to hear what had been in front of me all this time?  I mean, this magnificent instrument had just released her debut solo project.  Do you know how behind I am? Like, I had heard some of Destiny’s Childs hits, but clearly, I hadn’t been listening. It was time to start adding to my collection and learning everything I could about this Super Star in the making.

Bey’s solo debut, Crazy In Love featuring Jay-Z

So, how did Beyonce become Queen Bey?

A very shy Beyonce started dancing when she was young and quickly began taking local Houston talent shows by storm after her dance instructor accidentally learned that she could also sing. After winning many local events and catching the ear of a few business executives in the process, she became the lead singer of what was sure to be a hit girl group. Following many setbacks, her talents were finally introduced to the world of television via Star Search. This was the American Idol of the ’90s, and for Girl’s Tyme, it was just the platform needed for their big break. Or, so they thought.  Hearing Ed McMahon announce Skeleton Crew as the winner was heartbreaking, and for some, it was also the end. Thankfully, Beyonce had parents who believed in her talents and were just as driven. Despite losing on Star Search and having three group members and some of management walk away, Beyonce was determined to make her dreams come true.  With her father, Matthew Knowles, taking the wheel as manager, the girls added a new member and a new name, Destiny’s Child. The foursome got to work and after several months signed a record deal.  This would later lead to the release of their debut album, the self-titled Destiny’s Child. Riding the wave of success, the group released The Writing’s on the Wall just one year later. 

Girl’s Tyme

The ladies were finally experiencing the success they had spent years working towards, and with one final change in 2000, the now trio hit their stride. In six years, Destiny’s Child released five albums, embarked on three international tours, and won three Grammys. And somehow, amidst all of this, Beyonce managed to release her first solo album, Dangerously in Love.  In 2006, Destiny’s Child disbanded, and Beyonce’s solo career skyrocketed. In addition to the 60 million albums sold with Destiny’s Child, Queen Bey has sold 100 million albums worldwide.  In 2009, she was named Billboard’s Top Radio Artist and Top Female Artist of the Decade. She has also been named to Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the world multiple times.    

She consistently shatters the charts with her album sales and sells out stadiums quicker than others fill intimate cafes.  Icon, Superstar, Singer, Actress, Entertainer, CEO, Philanthropist, Daughter, Wife and Mom; she wears many hats very well. How does she do it all? Maybe it’s because her work ethic is unmatched! Did you know that post-pregnancy, she once rehearsed more than 115 hours to prepare for a 2-hour performance?  Is there anything she can’t do?  Believe it or not, as graceful as she makes it all look, even the Queen sometimes struggles with work/life balance.  She once told Elle magazine, “I think the most stressful thing for me is balancing work and life. Making sure I am present for my kids—dropping Blue off at school, taking Rumi and Sir to their activities, making time for date nights with my husband, and being home in time to have dinner with my family—all while running a company can be challenging.” I know all parents can identify with this struggle.

Bey + Blue Ivy, the Carter’s first born, already a half-billionaire

Although I’ve attended nearly every concert, she’s put-on in Atlanta since becoming a fan, one of my favorite Beyonce moments came during a car ride with my then 3-year-old son. Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie was playing on the radio, and we were both singing along – then it happened… Jay-Z started rapping and my son said, “Is that Beyonce’s husband?” My jaw dropped and I erupted into laughter. I’ve heard him called many things; Hov, Jigga, Hova, CEO of the ROC and the Greatest Rapper Alive; but never Beyonce’s husband!  If I didn’t already know, this was enough to seal Queen Bey’s greatness for me FO EVA EVA!!!

Bey + Jay-Z dressed to the 9s

It’s been over 25 years since this energetic and ambitious young girl entered the music scene and blossomed into a global superstar right before our eyes. With 28 Grammys, the most Grammy winning female artist in history, Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter has been making her presence felt across our television screens and in our hearts since she was a part of the award-winning girl group, Destiny’s Child.  From directing and performing Homecoming at Coachella, to writing and starring in Black is King. Beyonce takes every opportunity to show pride in her culture and community. Sometimes it’s on the frontline and other times it’s behind the scenes. Whether it’s using her music to express feelings of the masses in songs like Freedom or her BEYGOOD Charity funding scholarships and various initiatives or raising awareness for local causes, Bey gets it done! 

Black is King Trailer from Disney+

Continuing to raise the bar, in January of what was one of the most depressing years for many, 2020, Beyonce relaunched her IVY PARK brand as the sole owner with ADIDAS. This made her the first black woman to be the sole owner of an athleisure brand. Of course, in true Beyonce fashion, the partnership has already dropped four collections with items from each selling out in minutes.

Consequently, I’ll ask again, is there anything she can’t do?  Being that she’s been in the studio working on new music amidst everything else, I’m going to stick with, Nah! So, the next time you need some inspiration, remember there’s already one mama who’s given us the blueprint on how to Run the World

Beyoncé – The BeyChella Show 2 2018 
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