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COVID: The Road of a Long Hauler… Part 5

A lady was telling me if I don’t keep my eyes open the doctor wouldn’t discharge me and I would have to stay overnight. Wait, what? I whispered for the nurse to tell me when the doctor was close so I could try to hold my eyes open.

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The Narrative Matters

Covid cases among children rises.

With the total global Covid-19 cases standing at 37,099,164 in the first week of October, children have represented 16.3 percent of all accumulated cases. And

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Is Remote Working the Future?

The Coronavirus pandemic compelled the entire globe to engage in a massive (and haphazardly coordinated) work-from-home endeavor. Although some states in the United States are slowly

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Are Masks Really Effective?

‘Wait a minute, folks Purchasing Face masks!’ On February 29, 2020, then-Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeted, ‘They are NOT efficient in stopping the public from contracting #Coronavirus.’

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African Americans and Covid-19: The Numbers Don’t Add Up

Through a collaboration with The Atlantic, Kendi and the ARPC have created a COVID Racial Data Tracker a part of The Atlantic’s COVID Tracking Project, which has the goal of tracking, analyzing, and regularly updating racial data on the pandemic within the United States.

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